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Oct 2011
Cornwall, Ontario
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SO I was over at my buddy's house for the Stupor Bowl last night, and naturally I brought some homebrew. Most people there are steadfast Corona drinkers and won't touch anything dark or hoppy, so my brews were mine to keep. Partway through the evening, my friend's neighbour came over. I knew beforehand that he has 2 LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario - our gov't liquor store here in Ontario) franchises, but it turns out that he is also a beer snob and the regional beer purchaser for the LCBO. This guy knows his beers. Always looking for feedback on my brews, I offered him a couple samples. He tried my Blackstrap Molasses Porter and my Double IPA. The comments were really positive... Basically he really liked the porter, thought it was well balanced and had just enough molasses tang to make it unique but not overpower the beer. If anything he thought the colour was a little dark to match the style, but that was a minor minor thing. When he tried the DIPA, his face lit up. "This is wonderful" he said, "What's the ABV?" I told him ~7.5 which it is (7.48) and he immediately shook my hand and said it was tremendously balanced for that high an ABV and he liked that although it is very very hoppy, I managed to get a nice thick mouthfeel. He thought the colour for this one was beautiful.

Then it got interesting... He asked how much I brew and what kind of volume I thought I could produce. I explained that it's just a hobby, and I didn't have the setup to brew huge batches... 5gal at a time, but I would love to make lots of it if I could.

Turns out, this guy has got several hundred thousand dollars between himself and some investors to start a craft brewery in Gananoque. (if you saw his house you'd know he has a ton of cash). He basically says he gets pissed off that the LCBO policy is not to buy beer from a brewer unless they can supply the entire chain, so he decided to get set up to brew and sell what he wants and what his customers are always asking for but that he isn't allowed to stock.. He is in the process of buying an 1800s building o nthe waterfront and installing brewing gear. He has approached a former co-worker who left Canada to get his brewmaster's degree in Germany. It's actually looking like this might move forward.

and here's the best bit.... While the day-to-day brewing would be handled by the brewmaster (obvious choice), he would like me to help develop the recipes and create special seasonal beers!!! I would be able to continue comitting the same time to it as I do now as a hobby, but brew batches on their equipment and get paid for the results......

Obviously not holding my breath, but this would be AWESOME!

BEst feedback ever
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Dec 2011
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Nice one man!

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Jan 2012
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Man, that is amazing! Keep us posted if this goes forward any.
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primary: APA

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Wow, congrats!

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Sweet! Congrats, and good luck.

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Apr 2011
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That is truely a wonderful compliment. It sounds like you have stumbled into a fantastic opportunity to do something most of us can only dream about. Best of luck to you and please update this thread as the project moves forward.
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Nice! Some of the best opportunities are those that just fall in place
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Jan 2011
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I don't want to be the one raining on your parade, but before agreeing to anything, have your beers tasted by an unbiased/uninterested party.

I recently tasted a couple of homebrewers' beer and they had gotten a bunch of praise from friends/family. When I tasted the beer, I immediately spotted the extract twang and some oxidation.

In their minds, they thought that starting a microbrewery while using extract is feasible. It just isn't. It's not your case in any event.

Bottom line: Don't get into something without getting it tested + tasted by a pro.

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Oct 2010
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That is really cool, congrats! Oh, and please do post that DIPA recipe
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