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Jan 2012
Dallas, GA
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First let me say thank you too all those who replied or at least viewed by last thread "homebrewer's profile". The feedback was right in line with what we expected.

The business pitch:

What if there was a place you could go to and brew your beer? We are envisioning a place big enough for 4-6 brew stations from 5 gal to 10 gal batches. Top of the line equipment, cold storage for fermenting lagers, warmer storage for fermenting ales, bottling and keg equipment. We'd have an array of ingredients for you to choose from, bringing your own goods is also welcome.

But you make an appointment, show up, your station is clean and sterilized, you get to brewing, move to primary and your done, no clean up afterward. It would be inventoried while fermenting, we'll babysit it, let you know how its going. We can move to a 2nd or you can come back and do it.

Important that we also visualize this being a place you could hang out. The ambiance would we welcoming for brew fanatics to come brew and hang out for a couple hours afterward. Picture big screen tvs, couches, chairs, etc. Almost like a cigar bar but for brewers, no smoking allowed.

I think it would be great for new comers and those interested in beer in general. Could be a great gift for a guy hard to buy for. Offering classes to those who wanted to learn about brewing. But the continuing customer, the heart of the business, would be the homebrewer.

What do you think? Does it have wings? How much would you pay for the convenience? I'm not sure enough could be charged, per customer, to warrant healthy profits.

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Personally, a lot of the enjoyment of brewing is that I'm doing it on my own equipment in my garage. I don't think this would be for me. A guy talked my head off about something similar to this - I think you would do well attracting new brewers and focusing on extracts. Maybe a groupon thing?

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May 2011
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The "brew on premises" (aka "BOP") thing has been going on for many years...


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I don't know how many (if any) BOP places have done well over the long term. BOP (brew on premises) is a good concept, and I knew of a wine place that did it, but what happens is either the people do it as a lark and then never again or they love it and brew on their own once they feel comfortable. The wine place didn't do well with BOP at all but they maintained their own winery and closed up the BOP.

It's a good idea in many ways, so I hate to be a Debbie Downer. But most homebrewers already have the bug, so you'd have to hit the sweet spot for those interested but without enough space to purchase their own gear.
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Dec 2010
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I suggest contacting U-Brew in Portland. They have a commercial brewery, tap room complete with snacks/sammichs, home brew shop, and u brew. They are just starting out (a year or more in) great people, and neat concept. And, if they can thrive here, with a bagillion home brew shops, its reasonable to say, you can succeed most places. Just my 2 cents

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Here is an article you might want to read.

Here is a link to a place in Ohio

Just google Brew on Premise

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Beer Gnome
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You could get in touch with SBC and talk with them about your ideas as well. They have a nearly went under (thought it had already) but their website says they had a last minute save (were bought out) and are up and running again.

Edit: I would actually give it a shot, just to get the chance to brew in some high quality steam kettles with premier brewing equipment. It sounds like a lot of fun, but it would probably be a limited if my wife bought me a session for my birthday or Christmas. It's not something I would frequent once a month.

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Mar 2010
Starkville, Mississippi
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A couple years ago my girlfriend bought me a gift certificate at a BOP in Minneapolis. The day after we bottled that beer I bought my home brew kit. This simple gift sparked an obsession. Im from a southern city that does not have a local supply shop or anything home brewing related. I've toyed with the idea of starting a BOP in this southern city. In a city that doesn't have any brewing supplies stores you could capitalize on BOP people and companies as a team building exercise and have a home supply store to get the home brewers business that you create from the BOP business . But a city that has a home brew supply store you need a symbiotic relationship with them. You see the two would be competitors.
This is just some thoughts I had on the idea. The only reason I haven't started is the financing portion. I personally would like you to keep me updated on your progress if you start one. Good luck

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Oct 2010
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I would recommend you open a home brew shop first and then do BOP there. You could have classes for those who are interested in BOP.

This is what has been relatively more successful at other businesses compared to strictly BOP.

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Jan 2012
Dallas, GA
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Ha, thanks for the feedback fellas. You know I never heard of a BOP, there aren't any in or around Atlanta. I just found something where a guy said that he thought they were illegal in GA. No idea if that's true but explains why I never saw one and throws this idea out the window. Seems like it would work but if the homebrewers in the area don't buy in, it wouldn't stand a chance. Rent and utilities alone would bury you if you didn't have weekly regulars.

Back to the drawing board, what is the brew market missing?

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