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Nov 2011
Madison, WI
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So I haven't yet brewed my first batch, which is probably why I don't know enough yet to answer my own simple question even with searching, due to AG calculations I don't yet understand. What size pot do I need for a standard 5gal AG batch? I'll basically just be brewing IPAs and stout/porters if that makes a difference. I Think 8gal(32quart) would be good from what I've read in my searches. I want to get into AG after I start on some simpler extract brews and I don't want to have to buy another pot later. If anyone has any suggestions for my best option for an acceptable pot(tight budget), that would be great too...

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Jul 2011
Va Beach, VA
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The short answer is that 8 gal should be fine. But you may wish to consider the long view and go bigger if you think you might ever want to do 10 gal batches. Are you doing stovetop? Outdoor burner? That makes a difference too.

As for recommendations, I got a 15gal aluminum pot from HD for $70 delivered, drilled it myself, and added weldless SS ball valve. All told, less than $100 and I have a great basic brew pot!

EDIT: Welcome to a great hobby & a great site to make your beer the best!
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Nov 2010
Smithville, Ohio
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I agree with above... Buy it once...but that being said I use a 8 gallon stainless turkey fryer with a hurricane burner under it (what came with it) we bought it to cook food at our wedding reception and it sat in the box for 8 years! Lol

You do need to watch for the initial boil (protein break?) And when ever adding hops...to prevent boil overs... I try to shoot for 6.5 gallons of wort and usually end up with 5.5


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Nov 2011
Madison, WI
Posts: 39

Piratwolf, you're killing me here with that comment. As a newbie, I've read So much about aluminum vs. stainless. Having no experience, the aluminum thing worries me a little. I keep reading that you can't use oxygen sanitizers on aluminum, stainless is better, but some people use aluminum anyway. What do you use to sanitize it then? I'd rather go with something less expensive if it's a perfectly good alternative... I'll be doing outdoor boils on a propane burner at least for now since I live in an apartment with an electric stove.

Crazyseany, do you think a 10gal pot would do for a 5gal batch without having to worry so much about the boil over? I don't think I'll ever go to 10 gal batches, so as long as it'll handle 5gal batches without hassle then I'm satisfied.

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Jun 2010
, Maine
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As for sanitizing your brew kettle, don't forget that you are boiling liquid for an hour or more...it will be sanitized. Just clean it after with a sponge or rag and plenty of water.
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Jan 2012
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I picked up my 8 SS kettle from eBay for $99 with a SS valve and thermometer. It's very flimsy, but it does the job. Eventually it will just be my HLT. You can get them even cheaper without thevalve, which isn't needed.

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BIAB Expert Tailor
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May 2007
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Rule of thumb is double batch size, so a ten gallon is what I would advise...aluminum is absolutely fine and has advantages and disadvantages however minor. My pick below is a price performer!


Alum vs stainless debate below...I have both and at the end of the day can say they both work equally well...alum will heat and cool quicker, stainless will be prettier...


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Mar 2011
Bradenton, Florida
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I use an 8 gallon SS pot,it works,well enough but I suggest a 10 gallon pot.I can boil 6.75 gal. but have never put more than 5 gals. in fermenter after leaving cold break in kettle.With a 10 gallon pot you could get 6 gal. in the fermenter.The idea of using the 8 gal. for HLT is what my plans are,as I never have enough sparge water with my 5 gal. pot.

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Jan 2009
Richardson, TX
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I use a 10 gallon stainless steel "Megapot" with the sandwiched aluminum layer on the bottom for even heat distribution. I'm very happy with this, and would not want anything smaller for 5 gallon batches - my preboil volume is nearly 7 gallons and I still have room for foam during the boil. If you think you will ever do 10 gallon batches, everyone seems to advise at least a 15 gallon pot, though that seems a little small to me - I like to have 50% more than my maximum preboil volume.

EDIT: You may not need 50% more than your preboil volume if your pot is taller and slimmer than the Megapots - with a short, fat pot like the Megapot, 50% doesn't get you as much height above the top of the wort as you would get with the taller slim pots.

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Belching Dog Brewery
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Nov 2011
Steeleville, IL
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I have a 7.5 gal SS pot, a 10 gal aluminum pot, and now a 15.5 gal SS pot. I have had boil overs with each one. My 15.5 was purchased because it came with a basket and lid and I do BIAB. I had approximately 8 gallons of wort in the pot when i began my boil and it still foamed over...though not as much as the 10 gal. I am going to try some FemCapS for my next batch. Search the forums for discussions on FemCapS and how it helps stop boilovers.

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