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Jan 2012
Dallas, GA
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Hello to all the homebrewers reading this. I have been brewing for about a year now, only completed 10 or so batches and looking to try my first all-grain when I get a free weekend. I've been following this site for a couple months and just officially signed up.

The intention of my first post comes to you with a favor, so I hope your game. I've been doing research at local (Atlanta) breweries and beer conventions but the process is taking forever so I'm hoping that this method speeds things up. The reason for these questions? Me and 4 fellow MBA classmates are trying to launch a business that caters to the homebrewer. I really can't expand any further at this time in fear of swaying your true responses. For those curious, I"ll expand further after the response rate drops. But please take the time to read and answer the following questions to help us define the homebrewer customer profile. Thanks in advance!

1. What do you enjoy most about brewing?
2. What do you enjoy least about brewing?
3. Why do you brew?
4. When do you brew the most? (time of year, month, week, and/or day)
5. Where do you brew?

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Oct 2008
Denver, CO
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Well, I'm killing time while I wait for a detector to cool down, so I'll play along.

1. recipe formulation
2. cleaning
3. because I enjoy making food and beverages by hand that I, and others, enjoy.
4. year round, Saturdays or Sundays. Frequency probably the highest in spring and fall.
5. at home, on my back porch

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Sep 2011
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1) The potential for customization. I like that I can take any beer out there, and try to recreate it. Or, I can make something up that I've never heard of and see if it's any good.

2) Waiting. Let's see you cater to that need. You'll be millionaires in a second if you can.

3) I brew because I can, and because I find it a relaxing and enjoyable pasttime. I also like the freshness and quality I can recreate by homebrewing.

4) I brew in the first half of the week, almost any time I have an empty fermenter.

5) My brother's garage. We share equipment and each brew our own 5 gallon batch every brew session.

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Sep 2011
Edmonds, WA
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1. The peacefulness of brew day.
2. Cleaning
3. The satisfaction of making a beer that everyone likes to drink. Then doing it again, better.
4. All year, weekends. Once or twice a month.
5. My garage

Rescue Dog Brewing

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Feb 2011
Sheffield, Ohio
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1) I enjoy reviving beers from the past that sound intriguing that also may shed some light on what beer used to be like. Besides my own favorite ales that can be pricey around here.
2) Cleaning has got to be #1 on my shizz list
3) Why is there air? I like brewing because it not only gives me the chance to be creative,but make something I can enjoy with others. Not to mention the comradery on this site.
4) I brew as often as I can,regardless of the time of year. Warmer weather dictates lighter beers that finish faster.
5) Generally I do the BK part in the kitchen. The rest goes on in the ol' man cave.
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Oct 2011
Florence, Alabama
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1) Seeing my imagination turn to reality as each new recipe comes together in the finished product.

2) Cleaning

3) I have a passion for beer and want my beer to be fresh and exactly how I want it

4) When I need beer

5) Either at home or in whichever brewery I happen to be working in at the time
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Nov 2011
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Originally Posted by Stumpe

1. What do you enjoy most about brewing?
2. What do you enjoy least about brewing?
3. Why do you brew?
4. When do you brew the most? (time of year, month, week, and/or day)
5. Where do you brew?
1. Creating something that is enjoyable.
2. Waiting
3. Because it is fun
4. Pretty steadily all year, 2-3 times a month
5. In my garage

Good luck with the MBA!

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Apr 2011
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1. The look on a friends face when they try one of my brews, followed by "damn that's good"
2. Cleaning (seems to be a pattern here)
3. I love beer, I love being creative, and the ability to share it with others.
4. As often as I can afford, typically on weekends.
5. Kitchen by necessity, hopefully outside in the near future.
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Mar 2008
Lancaster, PA
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1. What do you enjoy most about brewing?
The diy / tinkering combined with the creative expression brewing provides

2. What do you enjoy least about brewing?

3. Why do you brew?
I love beer, to cook, be creative,. Brewing combines all 3

4. When do you brew the most? (time of year, month, week, and/or day)
Weekends or holidays (love working or a bank). Most in spring / fall. Least in winter. Avg 20 - 25 batches a year.

5. Where do you brew?
Nice weather - deck
bad / cold weather - garage
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Old 01-30-2012, 04:36 AM   #10
Jan 2011
South Jordan, Utah
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1. I enjoy the success that I made something others and myself enjoy drinking.
2. Probably the clean up.
3. I brew cause I enjoy it, relaxing, creative and cause my brother does.
4. Whenever I can. Mostly weekends.
5. In my garage cause that's where I can.

Hope these help.

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