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Mar 2009
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OK, I have decided to take the plunge and jump into all-grain brewing. I have 2 old coolers that I have decided to convert to a Mash/Lauter Tun and HLT. I plan to fly sparge. My question is this: Is there any benefit of building a CPVC manifold for the drain on the Mash Tun, or should I go with the much easier SS braid? If it makes any difference, I have a rectangular cooler, not a round one.

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I would suggest using a stainless water heater supply braid and batch sparging if using rectangular coolers...YMMV.

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Personally I have tried both CPVC manifold and SS thingy. I MUCH prefer the SS braid. I find it much much easier to deal with overall. Just my stupid humble opinion though.

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If you are going to fly sparge, the manifold should be much better. See for details.

If you batch sparge, you should be OK with either one.

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A manifold will likely drain the majority of the Tun on its own. A ss braid requires me to tilt the Tun to get the last bit of runnings. I have a braid, my friend has a manifold...I am looking to switch the the manifold eventually because I like his Tun better.

Both will work.

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So I have used the braid but went for a manifold after a few brews and love it. I get every drop pretty much out of my mash tun (iglu cube cooler). There is literally less than an ounce left after draining according to my dry run tests but have been using it for like 35 batches with no problems.... And it only cost like $8-$10 to make the whole manifold and sparge assembly.

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I fly sparge and have used both and to me the S.S. braid is a pain in the ass. I prefer the cvpc manifold.
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I would personally recommend the manifold. It will create a more even flow over the entire grain bed, especially if you will be fly sparing. It is more a pain to clean but not really.

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CVPC manifolds are so easy to make, I don't see why you wouldn't do it. You'll get more even flow, and depending on the cooler, less wort loss.

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Mar 2009
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OK, thanks for all the great input. After reading them all, I think I'm going to go ahead and make a manifold. I've got a dremel, so I'll be using that instead of a hacksaw to make my slits. Should be a fun little art project

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