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Hi Everyone.

I did a batch of pumpkin ale last night and have the beer in my primary fermenter. I wanted to keg the beer and the guy at the brew store said to keg the beer and use the corny as the fermenter. There is a lot of sediment due to the fact that it is pumpkin ale and I am not sure what to do about putting it in the keg.

If I strain the wort when I transfer it to the keg. Would this effect the yeast/ fermentation? Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? I know that you can cut down the down stem in the keg to suck up further from the bottom of the keg but I would like to know now out of curiosity if straining the wort would effect the fermentation.


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If your beer is in a fermenter with pitched yeast, leave it alone - don't transfer anything!!!!

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You have already pitched the yeast, right? Just wait for fermentation to finish and rack it to the keg in a couple of weeks.

Racking now is not what you want to do. You can end up getting off flavors like acetaldehyde if you rack too early.

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You might search "cold crash" on here as well. The short version is that after your beer FINISHES fermenting, as checked by hydrometer, you lower the temp down to about 35-40 in order to drop & compact as much yeast & sediment as possible. Then carefully rack it to your keg
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