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Sep 2011
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It seems that with each new batch of beer I brew, I have a need to go to " the next level". Right now "the next level" is full boils. I am fairly set on the 32qt (8gal) pot for the full boils but am also considering where to do this. I am pretty sure I could get away with doing it on our gas stove (we have a couple high output burners), but all the talk of turkey fryers and high output propane rigs has me thinking about moving operations to the garage. My big concern though is with condensation. There are a lot of tools in the garage (woodshop) and I am afraid with the wisconsin winter I am going to rust myself into oblivion. The garage is well insulated, but not constantly heated (I have a couple electric heaters that can make it comfortable in about 1/2 hour) but all the "iron" in there will be pretty cold. Do you get a lot of condensation in the garage when you boil out there in the winter? Between the 1 gal of boil off, and the water from the burner I am afraid I would fog the place up.

If this works out, I would move up to the 10 gal pot and that way I could use if for smaller all grain later.


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Jan 2012
Philadelphia, PA
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I'd be more concerned with carbon monoxide poisoning than condensation. how are you going to vent? i'd think the solution would be the same for both the CO and the water vapor.

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Nov 2011
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Agreed with Angus. I brew in the garage, but with the door open and the burner just outside the garage, under the eve. DON'T do a propane burner in an enclosed garage.

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I boil on a propane stove in the garage. I keep the door wide open, and the stove just inside the door. I've never had a problem with condensation or CO.

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I have been brewing in my garage for years.

Once the HLT has reached strike temp the garage is nice and toasty. I have seen the garage fogged before but the humidity was rather high that day.

As for venting, I crack the door a few inches and open a side door for some cross ventilation and all is well.

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Sep 2011
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Ya, but you live in Oblivion. We all know it's more humid in WI.

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Nov 2011
Anchorage, Alaska
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I do all grain so I usually just use a keggle, Im in Alaska so the past 2 weeksends ive brewed it has been about -15 outside and my garage is not heated so it was a steady 25 to 35 in the garage and I left the garage door open about 2". I had no problem with condensation but I did have a problem with alot of steam coming out of the kettle and it made it really hard to see what was going on boiling or my volume, it drove me crazy so i think Im gonna get a heater that goes on top of my propane tank...

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Originally Posted by ajf View Post
I boil on a propane stove in the garage. I keep the door wide open, and the stove just inside the door. I've never had a problem with condensation or CO.

I do as well. I brewed last weekend, it was 10 in the garage. I kept the garage about 1/4 the way open when the propane was on and then shut the door while mashing and opened again for the 60 min boil. I didn't notice a lot of condensation on any of my tools on the garage. I have a pretty big 2 car garage. Brewing tomorrow, supposed to be snowing.
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Jul 2011
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You need to keep the door open. And make your life easy and get a keggel or a 15 gal kettle.
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Just install a powered attic vent in the garage. If finished just pipe it down. Slap a Carbon monoxide detector on the wall and goto town.

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