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Feb 2011
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I mix mine in the bottling bucket and run the leftovers to growlers and a spray bottle. It seems to last for a few brews, not that I've checked the ph, but it's still real foamy and I haven't had any infections.

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May 2011
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I keep five gallons of Star San/distilled water mix for months at a time (the current batch was made in October), most of it in a glass carboy and some in a spray bottle. I check the pH with a meter on brew days before using. When it drops below three gallons I top it off with fresh mix. It remains clear throughout.

As for the whole cloudiness thing, there's no doubt that in many cases cloudiness is associated with a rise in pH and loss of effectivity, usually indicative of using hard water. But that's hardly absolute. Only a pH check can determine if the solution is still in the effective range...


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I use RO water and only make about 1 gallon at a time. I also keep a spray bottle full. Saves time and effort mixing large batches.

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I also make 1 gallon at a time. I keep it in a 1 gallon glass carboy (aka the Carlo Rossi). I use my hop scale (a digital gram scale) and weigh out .2 ozs into a little glass bowl, add hot water, pour that into Carlo and top off. The solution lasts seemingly forever. I DO reuse it - if I sanitize a keg with it, I will pour that back into the jug. Same with sanitizing a carboy. Pour, swish, swish, pour back into jug. A gallon lasts roughly 2 brews since I sanitize EVERYthing with a spray bottle full of it constantly.

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Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by johnsma22 View Post
Cloudiness due to hard water has nothing to do with Star-San's effectiveness. If the cloudiness bothers you, then by all means use distilled water to make up the solution. The effectiveness has everything to do with the pH remaining below 3 and keeping organic material out of the solution. That means making sure your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before sanitizing it in the solution.

I store my Star-San solution for months at a time in a white (un-dyed), 5 gallon HDPE bucket from Home Depot. Even if the solution's pH drops below 3, as long as there is no organic material in it, I simply "sweeten" it back up with some more concentrate to drive the pH back down below 3, or just dump it and make a new batch.
I do this. Except my bucket is from Lowe's. I make a 2 1/2 gallon batch, which is easy, just one capful and you're done. I fill up a spray bottle straight out of this, which is handy for pretty much everything because I'm always spraying stuff down in the process.

I use regular water, so it clouds a little. I dump and make a new batch on the next brew day so I'm not worried about the ph rising before that.

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Jan 2012
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My friend tipped me off to the spray bottle approach and i have to admit, it made everything pretty easy (1st batch so i can't say it made things easier). Anyway, thanks for all of your advice/opinions.

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Nov 2011
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I typically brew with RO water, so I have several 1 gal plastic jugs around. I keep my starsan in those. I will dump a gallon in a clean keg before I fill it and use that keg to run starsan through my serveline and faucet. I also use the spray bottle. It is fairly inexpensive to use, I toss it when it starts looking cloudy. I guess every couple of months.


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Oct 2009
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I make 1 gallon at a time using distilled water. It never lasts long enough to worry about going bad.

I emailed Five Star a while back about mixing it. They said to use 1 capful to 1 gallon.
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Great threadů I love money savings ideas. Suggestions on an inexpensive ph meter?

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