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Randy Mosher has a good recepie in Radical Brew. Basically the rule of thumb is first runnings are half as big in volume and double the OG. So you get a 2.5 gallon Barley Wine at 1.090 and a 5 gallon Bitter at 1.045.

The Brewing TV episode "Wookie and the Ewok" is a Partigyle episode.

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I'm gonna have to check out radicals recipe. I did a parti gyle last week all willy nilly without a recipe or a plan. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I got 5.5g 1.070 "doppelbock" and 3g 1.030 small beer. I should have stopped draining my ton on the first beer when I hit 7.5 gallons, but like an idiot, kept lautering and had to do a 90 ninute boil. That left me with a smaller second beer. It's ok, I got 2 beers, and a basis for next time I try. I like the parti-gyle technique a lot.
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We be in a big hurry for dope beer with much alcamahol and flavor, quality, balance, and aroma don't matter.
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To calculate color for a parti gyle:

Multiply Lovibond by pounds for each item on your grain bill and add to get a total coloring units (TCU).
I use the formula Color in SRM = 1.4922*(TCU*0.6)^0.6859

The 0.6 comes from the amount of extract in your first beer (I figure 60% for my system). By amount of extract, I mean amount of color extracted from the mash, not the volume of the mash.
I believe that the formula is based on Beer's Law ( though I could be mistaken.
I believe that the 1.4922 and 0.6859 were determined empirically.

If you're doing 3 beers, your second beer's color is going to have 60% of the remaining 40% of color, so multiply by 0.24 (0.6*0.4 = 0.24).
Now you've used 84% of the color units (1-(0.6+0.24) = 0.84. The third beer gets 60% of the remaining color. So that's 60% of 16% = 0.096.

First beer Color in SRM = 1.4922*(TCU*0.6)^0.6859
Second beer color = 1.4922*(TCU*0.24)^0.6859
Third beer color = 1.4922*(TCU*0.096)^0.6859

In any case, this formula works for me (ymmv).

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Considering doing a partigyle of an IPA, a special bitter and a dark mild.

Mainly doing a grain bill of 20lb pale malt and 1lb medium crystal malt. I'll have to do some calculations but expecting to do a first batch of 7.5 gallons (+10%) at 1.060 and a second batch of 7.5 gallons (+10%) at 1.025. Doing the first 7.5 gallon boil to 55IBU with Challenger and late EKG additions. Doing the second 7.5 gallon boil to 20IBU with only Challenger as a bittering hop.

Blends as follows:
5 gallons of first boil for the IPA - 1.060, 55IBU, finished with Notty.
2.5 gallons first boil and 2.5 gallons second boil for the special bitter - 1.042, 37IBU, finished with S04
5 gallons of second boil for the dark mild + 1lb dark invert syrup - 1.032, 20IBU, finished with S04.

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