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Originally Posted by HydroRamPac View Post
Will the Mark 2 handle cleaning 15 gallon Sanke Kegs?
Works for me.

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Originally Posted by MarkII View Post
Hey Everybody,

Mark at Mark's Keg Washer again.

I just wanted to thank everybody for all the great feedback, you have given me a lot of great ideas, and I really like the positive feedback.

I think my first project will be a rubber grommet type thing to put on the keg washer stand. That will give it some non-slip action and also give some elevation so the 6.5 gallon carboys will fit better. I found one of my carboys wasnt completely symetrical and tended to slide to one side if left alone or bumped.

I am also working on a retro-fit for the clips to make them a lot stronger. As a test, I removed the clips from a unit and set a carboy on it, it holds even without the clips, but if bumped it, it would definately fall over. Make sure all the clips are engaged and if you have to bend the clips in to make them engage better, that's fine. This plastic is really flexible and strong. It tends to bend rather than break.

If you guys have a keg washer, be sure to fill out the warranty card and I will send you the mods as they become available. There is a long lead time on this stuff, so it will probably be a few months. Getting plastic injection molds modified takes a lot of time and money like you wouldn't believe.

I am very happy with the keg washer as is, but a few tweaks will definately make it even better.

Thanks a lot. I can always be reached at [email protected]

Have there been any mod updates?

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Second time I used mine the fitting connecting the pump to the spray wand broke of in the pump. The break was all the way around the fitting through the middle three threads. Didn't someone else have this same problem?


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If you sent in your warranty card, Mark has sent out all the updates free of charge. If you didn't you should do so ASAP. He sent out a grommet and replacement fitting (the one just mentioned), both of which are an improvement over the originals. I've had zero problems with mine since the updates.

I'd say too, there are few companies I've dealt with that have been so responsive to user feedback and improving their product. Mark gets an A+ from me.

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Thanks to this thread, I went ahead and bought Marks Keg/Carboy washer and have used it several times.

The good-

1) Does a great job on the cornies as well as the 6 gallon glass carboys. I have not had anything so stuck inside the carboys that the washer with oxyclean free could not clean..yet
2) Great pump- plenty of volume
3) I had absolutely zero issues with carboys/cornies falling. Seems fairly solid

The bad-

1) Cheap flimsy hose barbs for the connectors- I can see how they would break, bend and contort
2) As others have stated, no drain for the liquid- lift and pour- I will rectify this myself.
3) Relatively shallow basin- Would be good to have a bit more volume, but may not be feasible to keep manufacturing costs semi low.


Go with some higher quality pipe fittings for attaching the quick connectors and possible a "T" to do both sides.

I seen a need to have something to clean my beer lines and didn't want to have more tools than what I could store.
I picked up a few 1/2 pvc caps at home depot along with a 1/4 flare to 1/4 MIP as well. I drilled the cap for the 1/4 pipe (12.2mm 1/2drill will probably be fine) and tapped.
Threaded it onto the extension that comes with the pump at the top and hooked it up to the beer lines. Took a 2 ft section of 1/2 silicone hose and pushed it over the end of the perlick tap to return the liquid to the basin. Turned it on and let the oxyclean flow- Works great!
I will rinse it with water a few times, but I don't have to have a separate cleaning unit for my taps.

Part# for the flare; 17000080
Part# for the cap; Store SKU # 29423 (verify as I didn't remember the number)

I think the total cost on this was around $8-$10.00 including the silicone tubing.

I like to make as many things as I can multi-purpose. I just don't have the room for all the equipment that we all would like to have.

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Just got mine. I'm in awe. Can't believe I've been soaking for this long

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I seen one guy post that this works with a 10 gallon corny. Anyone else? Is it tippy?

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Just got mine in today and couldn't wait to use it, as I've been putting off cleaning 6 dirty cornies. I couldn't stop cleaning; it was great! I cleaned all 6 kegs, dip tubes, gas intakes, and also my Blichmann Therminator since I could never really clean the interior besides immediately backflushing after chilling. The hose barb attachment really facilitated the hookup while cleaning my hoses at the same time. I had zero problems and enjoyed the fact that it holds less liquid than the original model; thus needing less cleaning solvent, which is a money saver. I love this washer! I bought a Rotating CIP Ball from Brewers Hardware that fits on top of the spray wand to clean my buckets, carboys, and 15 Gallon Blichmann Fermenator. I've been dying to CIP that as the stainless interior is prone to accumulating excess beer stone. I've never been so excited to clean before and I haven't even touched on sanitation yet. Thanks Mark!
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My apologies for practicing the dark art of necromancy with this thread, but this seems to be the font of knowledge about these. Anyone know if this works on the various sizes of Better Bottles? I would assume it does, but want to confirm. I use a mishmash of carboys but have just added better bottles to the mix and am considering getting one of these. (I'd like to avoid scrubbing except in the most dire of cases, given the switch to plastic.)

Many thanks in advance. Cheers!
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I use mine with both the 5 and 6 gallon better bottles. I've found that it helps to give them a quick rinse with hot water before using the keg washer on them, and sometimes you need a little patience on really nasty krausen, but I would never go back to washing by hand.

Hope that helps. Cheers!
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