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Nov 2011
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Hello Fello Beer Lovers,

I ve been wanting to try brewing beer for a long time now. In anticipation I bought Palmers HOW TO BREW and read it about 3 times. I received a brewing kit for Christmas and decided to try Palmers recipe for Cinncinati Pale Ale, which is as follows:

OG= 1.045 30 IBUs
3.3 lbs pale malt extract syrup9unhoped)
2.5 lbs amber dry malt extract
6 AAUs of bittering hops (amarillo)
5 AAUs of finishing hops (cascade)
Ale yeast.

My FG was 1.012
Fermented 2 weeks
Bottle conditioned 2 weeks

I followed the recipe to the letter except I used 9 AAUS of amarillo bittering hops because I didn't have a small scale to measure out 1/3 oz from the pallet package which was a total of 1 oz equalling 9.3 AAUS resulting in the following:
Today I finally tasted my first batch of Beer. I have been looking forward to tasteing my beer for about a month now. Before opening my first bottle I cant help but wonder and second guess everything I've done up to this point. My biggest concern is that the bitterness resulting from me using an extra 3 AAUS of bittering hops will be a little overpowering.
I hold the bottle up to the light, I can see a layer of yeast on the bottom of the bottle. The beer itself looks pretty clear although a little hazy which is what I expected. I pry off the bottle cap and instantly hear that all tool familiar Pssssst noise as the Co2 buildup is released indicating good carbonation. So far, So good! I gently poor the beer into a frosty mug pulled from the freezer with great anticipation. As expected a little head forms, but not too much as I am pretty damn good at pouring beer into a frosty mug by now. I leave a little bit of beer in the bottle because the fluid on the bottom looks pretty gross from the yeast. Right away I can detect the unmistakeable aroma of the cascade and amarillo bittering hops. I take a big drink and let the beer touch every corner of my mouth. Initially I am thinking WOW! This is great! The malted grain taste comes through strong initially then followed by the hop taste. Initially the sweet malted grain taste and bitter hop taste seem to balance out nicely. As I swallow the beer I start to detect a bitter aftertaste on the back of my tongue. As I think about the overall taste I am reminded of an IPA taste more so than a pale ale. My first beer is definitely drinkable even though it did not turn out perfect. I think my decision to use 3 extra AAUS of Amarillo bittering hops is the cause of the bitter aftertaste.
Any thoguhts are most welcome.

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That could definitely be the case, but you might also want to wait another 2 weeks in the bottle and see if you still notice it. I bottle all my beer and wait until atleast 3 weeks before opening the first one. Now that you have a pipeline going it won't be as hard waiting! Congrats!
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Nov 2011
Prior Lake, mn
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Ok, yeah Ill prolbably try that.
When I bottled two weeks ago, the sample I used to measure the FG I put in the fridge and drank it after it chilled to get a sence of it and I remember that the bitter taste was definately stronger. I remember thinking when adding hops in the boil that an extra 3 aaus of hops probably would not matter in the long run, hopefully thats true and a little more bottle conditioning is all it really needs.

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Did the recipe list amounts for the hops? One generally tries to match IBU's of a given beer & AA% of the hops used originally to the AA% of the same hops available now. Not to mention when they're added. Early in the boil for bittering,later in the boil for flavor & aroma. English IPA's have more bittering. American IPA's have late hop additions for more flavor.
I've come to realize that the same acids that give citrus fruits there tartness also seem to be the chemicals linked to their flavors. So you may even be tasting some of that tartness,percieving it as bitterness...
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Let it sit.

I recently went to visit my parents' house where i have several cases of my "failures" from 2008 and 2009. My brother brought over a sampling of his latest which led to us pulling out my old stash.

They are now some of the most delicious beers I've made.

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