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My parents also had the liquor cabinet in easy to access locations when we were young, but didn't worry about us digging into it for anything. Though we were occasionally allowed something in our hot chocolates. We also knew by way of stories of when the parents got drunk and what it did to them. I wasn't too curious about what it was going to be like at that point.

My brother had the occasional sip from my dad's bottle when he was young... Uhh... He drinks more than I do though, and has gotten socially drunk. He also works in marketing and gets to drink at work all day. He was aware of what it did by the time he was 21, but I think he still had more than a few back in the college days. Not so much now, he'll just socially drink without getting to that point. Makes it hard to bring beer back for him to test though.

I also have had the occasional sip back then including wine. I don't feel the need to go over the top, even socially (though I have social problems and will continuously feel the need to drink something, I know enough to alternate water/juice etc with alcohol).

But neither of us have ever felt in our age of years that alcohol was something restricted and special or mysterious. (Ok, I lie a little, it's mysterious in a way that makes it fun to make and create and flavor balance). But there wasn't a huge coming of age sort binge. My brother also only drinks socially, but doesn't feel the need to drink. Personality may have some bearing on some of this too.

My view is that we should educate them and let them understand what it does by way of explanation and also tipsy-drunk vs sick-drunk, plus the reaction/decision making area as well as light drinking. (Watered down wine etc). I've heard stories where people are over the top and actually partying with the kids and letting them get drunk, that's a bit too far for me. But I also think that other people's kids, even family, are their kids and it's their decision as to what to do.
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Originally Posted by squirrelly View Post
I must say absolutely not. The law states the drinking age is 21, so I will not authorize under age drinking.

Be careful. Right or wrong, a law is often merely a dictation of one man's morals over another man.
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Originally Posted by FatherJack View Post
Be careful. Right or wrong, a law is often merely a dictation of one man's morals over another man.

"The Law" is not what you all think it is. Go back to this post please.
- Andrew

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Dad let me taste whatever he was drinking. And on special occasions I would get a very small glass of Riesling.
So alcohol was no big deal. Never been drunk. Never felt the need to binge drink.

I have a 3 year old and now that I brew beer, he is becoming very aware of all the steps that go into making this stuff that mommy and daddy drink. Oh, the stories he must tell in preschool.

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My 18 year old son helps me brew sometimes and I do let him taste the results every now and then.

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Originally Posted by MalFet

You might want to make sure you know what the law actually is then

Only a minority of states actually prohibit the consumption of alcohol by minors in the home under the supervision of parents. A few states are even laxer than that. 42 States That Allow Underage (under 21) Alcohol Consumption - Drinking Age -
I love this! +infinity
Originally Posted by bottlebomber

Just buy a small swimming pool, throw everything in and mash it. Then open ferment in another swimming pool with all the yeast.

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Originally Posted by squirrelly View Post
I must say absolutely not. The law states the drinking age is 21, so I will not authorize under age drinking.
This is not quite true. I'm actually surprised at how few people realize this, but most states have an exception to the drinking age if it is provided by a legal guardian or in the child's home.

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Underage children will drink. As a parent, I feel it is my responsibility to teach my children about alcohol just like everything else.
I would rather teach them to appreciate a good beer and how to drink responsibility than for them to learn from some buddy that got hold of some beer.
My children are allowed to drink in my house. I do not demonize alcohol just because the law says I should.
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Didn't realize some states allowed it.

But, I think about other laws and the interpretation. Think about driving speed limits. In Michigan, I was taught to drive 5 over, because that was acceptable, even if illegal.

Do you apply the same reasoning to drinking? Is you son taking a sip of homebrew like going 5 over? I mean, I wouldn't drive 90 through my neighborhood, just like I wouldn't split a 30 bomb with my son.

Just a thought.

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My daughter gets a little curious when I'm sipping a homebrew while playing with her on the floor sometimes, so I'll let her take a tiny nip. She seems to like every beer she's tried .

I'm definitely going to allow her to have a little at home, because I want her to learn to drink with me, someone who almost never gets drunk, and not with other teenagers who will be doing it specifically to get drunk.

As one who is tasked with enforcing laws, I've spent the last 10 years dealing with people of all ages who've never learned to respect alcohol, sometimes with horrible consequences. Considering I value my duties as a parent much more than my duties as a law enforcement officer, I'm going to direct my integrity towards raising my kids to have proper respect for our favorite liquid.
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