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Feb 2007
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Hey all,

I was just wondering what the prices were like at your LHBS. The one I use, Blockader Homebrew Supply in Athens, GA, has the following prices.

$1.50 per pound of grain, but if you buy 10+ lbs then its only $1.25/lb
This includes all types of grain.

Its been a while since I did extract, but I believe 6 lbs of liquid extract is like $18, and 3 lbs DME is $13. The liquid is for the extract in the plastic jugs.

$1.25/oz for domestic hop pellets, $1.75 for imported

$5 for wyeast labs yeast, I think its about $2 for dry yeast.

These prices seem good to me compared to online stores, especially since you don't have to pay shipping. It is a small store, but the owner is always there and is very helpful. You also get to mill the grain yourself if you want!

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Any time that you have comparable prices to online, definitely support that local business. Even if something is a bit more expensive, if you build a good relationship with the owner that can prove good on your end in the long run (like if you ever get to the place where you want to buy bulk grain, he'll probably give you a good price). My 'local' HBS is over 45 minutes away so needless to say it was not 'local' enough. Still I do give him business from time to time. I bought my BB through him, etc.
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Lil' Sparky
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I'd say their prices are not out of line. They're not the cheapest, but they're not ripping you off, either.

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pretty fair prices. I think my lhbs just raised their prices on their grains to 1.50/lb. I buy stuff online sometimes but try to give the lhbs as much business as i can.
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Unfortunately not only is my LHBS expensive, but the guys there don't give a rats ass about local customers

Anyhow they charge $20 for 6.6lb of LME
$4 per lb of DME and about $1.60 per lb of crushed grain. The only plus side to visiting them is they have 400+ bottled beers in their fridges.. Expensive though...
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Those prices definately seem fair - some a little more than I pay locally, some a little less. Support the local guy if you can (and if he deserves it).
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Pabst Blue Robot
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I go to Larry's in Kent, WA.

Hops: 99¢/oz whole or pellet
Base Malt: 1.00/lb
Specialty Malt: 1.25/lb
LME: 2.00/lb

You also get 5% off if you're a club member. They supply a lot of the local brewpubs so there's quite a bit of volume going through.
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Mar 2007
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My LHBS is cheaper than any online store. I love it.

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Feb 2007
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Wow Pabst those are really cheap prices. Yeah I'm pretty lucky with my store, hes the only one around for about 80 or so miles (you have to go into atlanta pretty much to find any other stores, but I've heard there are quite a few good ones there).

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Originally Posted by thedaler
Wow Pabst those are really cheap prices.
Yeah, Larry's is awesome. I have three other shops within driving distance, but Larry's is the closest, and in my mind, the best of the four that are near me. The staff is friendly, they definitely know their stuff, and the selection is good. You might have to do a little research for any given recipe, as the are exclusive with Wyeast, and do not carry White Labs, and all of their LMD and most of their DME is Briess, but that is the single biggest complaint I have.

Well, that, and the website really does suck... but that a minor issue.
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