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To LexusChris:

on Alehoof (also known by about 20 other names)

The stuff grows everywhere. Basically as long as you are in a moderately cool or temperate climate you can find it anywhere someone hasn't taken care of their lawn meticulously. It has small fuzzy leaves, grows low to the ground and has kind of a fresh spinach and fruity aroma when bruised. Also makes an interesting tea. If you can't get it where you live (doubtful) then you can buy it online. I also harvested the juniper berries myself. They are curing on top of my fridge as I write this.

To NorthernBayBrewer:

on carbonation

No it wouldn't be carbonated per se but it would be cooly fermented in a cask so it would have some bubbles. Plus I like carbonation so I took some artistic license and am going to give it a very light carb.

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Originally Posted by SouthBay View Post
This is from a recent BYO magazine article on Gotlandsdricka

3.3lb Smoked Malt
6.8lb Vienna Malt
.25lb Cara-Aroma
1.5lb Pale Wheat Malt
.25lb Carafa 1
.25lb Peated Malt
1.9lb Cane Sugar
4 POUNDS Juniper boughs, with berries
.19lbs Dried Juniper Berries
13AAU Perle hops @ 60 minutes
1oz Bakers yeast

Boil 2lbs of the juniper boughs in 8-9 gallons water, until the liquor turns dark brown. Cool to 180 degrees. In the MLT, put the remaining boughs over the false bottom/manifold/etc so they form a layer 2-4 inches sick.

Mash in the grist to the juniper liquor @ 1.2 qt/lb. Also add the dried juniper berries at this point. Mash 120 minutes @ 154. Runoff until appx 6.5ish gallons total, then boil 75 minutes. First hop addition at 60 minutes, add sugar at 15 minutes. Cool to appx 70 degrees, then pitch bread yeast.

Ferment in the primary for 3-5 days (article doesnt give the fermentation temp, but i'm guessing about 70-75 degrees based on my experience with bread yeast). Rack to secondary for 4-6 days, then rack to a serving vessel.

The article says that if using a keg, use just enough pressure to keep it flowing. It also states to remove pressure once a day and add a tablespoon of honey or sugar to the keg to keep it actively fermenting. If bottling, use 1/2 as much priming sugar as normal (appx .5oz of corn sugar per gallon).


Sounds... interesting. I'd like to know if anyone tries it.
Hey this sounds cool. I would like to try it but I doubt my LHBS has the specialty malts/boughs of juniper berries. Do you know good suppliers?

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specialty food shops like Whole Foods have juniper berries in the spice section.


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I've never actually seen the boughs for sale anywhere. They grow wild in a lot of places, so if you're going to make it, you may have to find someone to cut some and ship them to you.

A quick google search result: it looks like people use them for making wreaths for xmas. Maybe a craft store like Micheal's could special order some for you

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I am very interested in how this turned out.

The gotlandsdricka seems fairly similar to sahti (except with sahti there is no boil, and you filter the mash through the juniper branches). I plan on trying to make a sahti here in a few weeks, but I was thinking I liked the idea of mashing the branches instead of filtering through them.

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Around here, and I assume just about everywhere in the US, Juniper was used extensively for landscaping. It is ugly, grows like crazy, and is really hard to remove. Charlie Papazian ran into the juniper boughs being used in the mash tun to help lauter on several occasions in Europe, particularly Sweden IIRC. And the juniper smoked malt was prevalent.

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I'm interested in how this turned out also.
Sounds like it was a cool project.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

On tap
Black Butte clone

In secondary
Pumpkin ale

In primary
Honey wit

Up next.. Firestone Union Jack clone

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Another thing to consider is that bere was probably the barley variant used at the time so if you were able to get any of that, it would be a good tip towards authenticity.

Valhalla brewery on Shetland have a bere ale brewed as an acknowledgement of the island's Norse past. Finding bere off Shetland and Orkney may be an issue though....

BrewingTV did a video last month about a traditional, un-boiled sahti using juniper twigs in the mash. I wonder if this technique would be appropriate, I can see the benefits of not expending the fuel to keep the pot at a boil for 60 minutes if there's not a lot of firewood available in the frozen north.
Scientifically speaking, alcohol IS a solution.....

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Subscribed! I am very interested in the results. Makes me wish I got out hiking this summer to collect the juniper branches and berries for a Sahti I had planned. Always next summer! Until then I will live vicariously through this thread.
"There is only two ways do to something; The smart way or the hard way."

"Beer is pretty resilient stuff, its resistant to human stupidity"

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This thread is now 10 months old, did this beer ever get brewed or what?

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