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Dec 2008
Dublin, Ireland.
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This service was just launched in Ireland yesterday, I already signed up for a months free trial.

My question regards the it worth it?

People are saying that once it gets popular that it's a complete lagfest and practically unusable in the evenings, what's your experience of it? Is this true about the quality once the service is taken up by more people?

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Aug 2007
Southern Maine
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I haven't noticed any major lags, hangs in our service. Maybe 3-4 times total; and we have been watching 3-4 times a week, for about 2 years now.

Our cable is actually much more variable in service, quality, etc.

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Jan 2008
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Originally Posted by EoinMag View Post
This service was just launched in Ireland yesterday, I already signed up for a months free trial.

My question regards the it worth it?

People are saying that once it gets popular that it's a complete lagfest and practically unusable in the evenings, what's your experience of it? Is this true about the quality once the service is taken up by more people?
Works just fine for me. Never had a quality issue with streaming services. I use High Speed cable for the data lines tho' and have 802.11N/gigabit ethernet hardware. Can stream to all the devices in teh house simulataneously without a single hiccup.

Problem is, most everythiong in the catalog is from the 90's back. You won;t see much of anything new in Netflix streaming save some series TV.

I keep the service mostly because it has an excellent cartoon series/movie selection and is great for the kids.

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Jun 2008
Derry, NH
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I dropped my DVD service and stuck with just the streaming. I have a playstation for the main family room, and an internet TV for the bedroom that allow Netflix streaming. Along with PC, tablet, iphone...I can pretty much get Netflix where ever I want.

Haven't had any issues with lag time on any of the devices. They don't have a great movie selection, but there are a lot of shows that I am rewatching ( just finishing up Season one of 24 ).

As far as the cartoons, it's been great watching some of the shows I watched as a kid with my son.
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Oct 2011
Florence, Alabama
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I use the streaming as well, daily. There doesn't seem to be any issues of lag that correlate to a specific time of day. Every once in a while there is a minor problem, but nothing noteworthy. Best entertainment $ I have spent. My favorite part is that I get to see a lot of foreign and independent films that I never would have even heard of otherwise. I disagree about the statement that you won't see anything "new"... there are lots of new/newer movies as well as TV... For instance, I have all three original Millenium Trilogy (Girl with dragon tattoo, etc) films in my queue, along with Blitz (a recent Jason Statham flick), the new True Grit, and so on... lots of good stuff. We have cable in the living room, I only watch it for the news... and then only rarely, I get most of my news online.
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Feb 2008
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I notice a small degradation in service once in a while, but we watch something nearly every single evening. Even when I'm playing SWTOR, the wife is usually watching her latest addition, and the oldest is watching Star Trek or Dr. Who or whatever.

I'd say it's well worth it if you enjoy watching tv series that you may have missed, the odd movie, or old shows. There isn't as many newer movies, but I can get my fix of those by renting whatever I want to watch locally.

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Jun 2011
Chicago, IL
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Love it - for 8 USD a month its worth it... get to watch all those shows I never had time for at my leisure.

As far as lag - every now and again it just take a while for the video to load, once loaded I have not seen any issues.

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Old 01-11-2012, 04:46 PM   #8
Dec 2011
2 hours SE of Chicago, Indiana
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I've had it since 2001 and overall i've been happy with it. Nothing is perfect but they'll keep getting my money.

I get some slowdown everyone once in awhile, but that is because I'm watching it on a PS3, over a wireless network with the video quality set to the highest. It doesn't happen enough to make me want to change anything.

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Nov 2009
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Unlimited streaming = AWESOME

No, not the lates hollywood pice of sh!t, but SO many indy and fantastic unknown movies, who cares?

Unless you only like to watch Ben Aflec and Vin Diesel and Nicholas Cage's latest piece of crap, (Vin and Nich have a few gems, but not their latest) at $6.99/month I will NEVER drop this.

RUBBER, Deathproof, HORDE, that is all I have to say. NEVER heard of them, NEVER would have seen them otherwise. I would pay (REMOVED UNLESS NETFLIX SHOULD HAPPEN ACROSS THIS, but let's assume it is at least several times 6.99) for this service.

Occasionally, when my kids are streaming youtube, I get a minute or so "Loading" message, but my internet is far from the fastest since I am CHEAP.

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Jan 2011
Auburn, Alabama
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I used to have it but when they started upping the prices and splitting services, etc... I got frustrated and went back to Blockbuster.

I will say that most of the time the streaming service was fine (I have a media pc attached to my tv) but there were the occasions where we would have people over and it would be laggy and frustrating.

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