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Jan 2012
Wheeling, WV
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I've seen on here that sierra Nevada bottles are great for scavenging, but I'm wondering what other bottles can be used? I can't use twist off bottles, correct? Obviously those are the easiest to gather, but I'll be making a few calls this week and just want to see what we can get.

Thanks for any help!


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Let's see- Sam Adams are great, Dogfish Head (and those labels come off easily!), Bell's, New Belgium (but they have decorations on them), Lagunitas, and just about any other non-twist-off.
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Nov 2005
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You can use twisties but I would not and don't.
Plenty of threads on lovers and haters regarding this.

Any brown long neck bottle should do the trick.
I got most of mine when I first started from a restaurant.
Hit up your favorite townie bar...many of them won't be reluctant to sell you a case of empties for the deposit.
You can also hit up your local redemption place...bring a six of your best and you might even get them for nothing.

You might be a bit skeeved about using bottles from folks you don't know and don't be suprise if you find cig butts, etc....don't worry, a nice hot bath in soap and water with a bottle brush and then a dunk in sanitizer will do the is really very sanitary and won't harbor too much that will kill you!

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Sep 2011
Milwaukee, WI
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I use Lakefront and New Glarus bottles a lot but I doubt those get to WV. Sierra Nevada bottles are my favorites with regular caps. Try to get Grolsch swingtop bottles. They are by far my favorite bottles.

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Sep 2009
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I love Sierra Nevada bottles, but use anything that is not twistoff. New Glarus has the best labels; they just float off. I usually soak bottles in oxyclean for an hour, and then I pull labels off or use a 3M pad.
Mmm, beer.

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Nov 2010
Snohomish, WA
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Sierra bottles are a little tough to get the labels off of and they are an abnormal height if I remember correctly, which makes for a tougher bottling day and awkward storage situation with fatter bottles.

I use Deschutes bottles, Pyramid, typical longnecks. I do bottles some with Redhook bottles because I really like them, but I wait until I have enough that I can do the whole batch in them.

To get them I go to the local public recycling center dressed in leather boots and gloves, and act like I'm taking stuff to dump. When they aren't looking I throw the bins in the dumpster and jump in after them. A little scandalous maybe, but fun.

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Jan 2012
Jacksonburg, WV
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Michigan is a deposit state, so I get mine from LHBS for the cost of deposit. Interestingly, I've never seen a cigarette butt and most appear to have been rinsed...must say something about those who drink craft beer...

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Mar 2011
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Although I love the beer, Sweetwater labels are impossible to get off w/o some serious scrapping.

I love to use the 22oz Samuel Smith bottles, very thick dark glass.
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Old 01-09-2012, 09:41 PM   #9
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Feb 2011
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