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Jul 2012
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I finished pasteurizing last night. I didn't have any bottle bombs with the longnecks or bombers. It leads me to believe I had some weak regular bottles. I opened the first one tonight and tried it. It reminds me of champagne

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Oct 2012
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Originally Posted by pwortiz View Post
First off, I agree that you gotta watch this stuff. I had the exact same issue with the Notty...4 days, no problem. Day 5 I had Cider 'nades.

1) Yes, they will still gush. I had some that I had to open over the course of 15 minutes to gradually let out the pressure and not lose prescious cider. Bottle cap released a bit, let settle, release, was worth it in the end though.

2) They will still gush but LESS than if they were warm.

4) I think you'd be just fine and I like how you did that. I will remember that for the future!

3) (how many ciders did you have before numbering these questions) I sorta had that issue. None blew but I had issues POST pasteurizing while they were cooling. I didn't have issues after they were on the shelving though.
Haha, I had a decent amount of cider at the point of numbering those questions!

Well here's where I'm at a day later. I opened one of the recapped plastic soda bottles after work and it foamed up about a quarter of an inch. Wow, only took 24 hours to get it back to where it needed to be. So I popped a glass bottle and no foaming, but carb level was good. 6 hours later now that everyone's asleep I just started to pasteurize the rest of the batch.

The bottles that I did pasteurize last night are great. No gushing, and good, high carb level. The ones I put in the fridge last night are the same, no gushers, just good, high carbed cider.

So what did I learn? I think I jumped the gun after seeing the gushers and should have just pasteurized the whole batch instead of all the work of uncapping and refilling. The bottles I either pasteurized or chilled both turned out great, so next time around I won't let a little gushing worry me too much. And again they weren't geysers, just foamed over the top.

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Oct 2012
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I just pastureized my remaining bottles and lost 3 of my 40 oz bottles they blew in the pot boom boom boom..... Why would they blow inthe water 15 min in

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Nov 2008
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2 days and theres slight carbonation will check again tonight and again tomorrow around 1 i bet ill be pasturizing by tomorrow afternoon. I dont mind checking often because i drink the bottle and it tastes good carbed or not lol
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Originally Posted by Harrod View Post
This thread is pretty awesome.

I made this and bottled it yesterday. I do have one question, it looks like the caramel sauce never really mixed well in this batch and is now floating in ribbons at the top of the bottles. Does anyone know if it will eventually blend in? I'm hoping when I end up pasturizing it will mix in.

Ended up pasteurizing last night in the dishwasher, had no bottles that exploded, and the syrup mixture was blended in this morning, checked the temperature halfway through the process, and the bottles were at 142 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 minutes. I did this after about 33 hours after capping.
Alright, Harrod, you have convinced me to try this dishwasher method for the next batch. Question: were bottles place on both levels or just the top or just the bottom?


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Jun 2012
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Thanks so much for sharing this. My wife does not drink much beer and this is perfect. . . .


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Oct 2012
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Disaster! I opened a bottle and it tastes okay but it smells like rotten eggs and apple cider mixed together! I don't know if it's from the potassium metabisulfite or what but is there any fix??? Thanks guys.

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Aug 2011
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I made this and gave a few bottles away but the responses have not been good.
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Originally Posted by mikeslag View Post
Disaster! I opened a bottle and it tastes okay but it smells like rotten eggs and apple cider mixed together! I don't know if it's from the potassium metabisulfite or what but is there any fix??? Thanks guys.
How long has it been in the bottles? I'd give it at least a few months before trying again. I recently brewed a batch of alcoholic ginger beer and due to other committments I rushed it into bottles. Tasted fine but smelt like rhino farts. I didn't dump it instead left it for around 3 months and it came out amazing.

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Nov 2012
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Cracked the first bottle of this last night. Girlfriend made a 1 gallon batch of plain cider that we made into this recipe, so our recipe varied a little bit. Bottles carb'd up really fast (2 days) and we only lost one bottle to pasteurization.

This stuff is good for sure. We are defiantly going to be making a full 5 gallon batch of this.

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