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4 12oz cans 100% natural apple concentrate
48oz water
1 tsp malic acid (less of you do not want a green apple tartness)
1/2 tsp pectic enzyme
Montrachet wine yeast
1/2 tsp yeast nutrients
1 quart "oat milk" *
2 cups home made caramelized sugar syrup** (if you use less acid you may want to use less syrup)

I don't like chemicals so you won't here me talk abut a sanitizing solution other than good old fashioned boiling water. I started by emptying the 4 cans of concentrate in to a stock pot along with 48oz of warm filtered water (warm to help the concentrate melt). After the concentrate dissolved I took an SG reading and came up with 1.085 or a PA of some where in the 11% area. I then added 1 tsp of acid blend and tasted the juice to see how it was. Fantastic!! strong apple flavors with a slight tartness, a little overly sweet but the yeast will fix that I then added 1 quart of "oat milk" and tasted it again. same flavor as before with a slight nutty under tone and more importantly a creamy mouth feel. I then placed a candy thermometer in the solution and heated it up to 170 F While it was heating I took a 1 gallon glass jug and filled it with boiling water and set it on the counter to sterilize while the apple oat solution came up to temp. once the solution was up to temp I added yeast nutrient and then dumped the hot water out of the jug and filled the bottle with the apple solution. After it cools down to the point where the jug is warm to the touch add the pectic enzyme and 12 hours pitch the yeast. Let it ferment for two weeks to a month and rack in to a sanitized bottle, top of with boiled cooled water and let it ferments out dry DRY DRY then add the caramel syrup and bottle. From there, check the CO2 levels daily until the correct CO2 has ben reached and I will pasteurize.

other notes
At the top it says the SG is 1.065 (calculated) but in the directions it said my SG was 1.085 That is because the solids in the oat milk will trow off your hygrometer readings so you need to measure before you add the oat milk and then multiply the 85 from the 1.085 * .75 and the number you get replaces the 85 in 1.085. so the calculated result is 1.065. this number also coincides with the calculations I did based on the number grams of sugar in 4 cans of concentrate in 1 gallon of total solution. Also the SG would indicate an ABV of some where in the 8.5% range which is IMHO a little high. This was done on purpose as the oat milk will produce about 1" of sediment and so extra water will need to be added to top off after the first racking. This should bring the final ABV done closer to 6-7% where I want it

* oat milk
2 cups raw quaker oats
6-8 cups of water

place the oats on a cookie sheet and bake at 325 for 20 minus. remove from oven and let them cool, then place them in a sealed paper bag for a few days. Once the oats have rested bring 6 cups of water to a boil and add the 2 cups of oats. reduce the heat to a simmer and let sit for at least an hour. Once the oats have had a chance to break down use a sieve to strain out and discard the chunks. You may have to add more water to get the "milk" to separate from the oat solids. What will be left is a some what thin (kind of like olive oil in thickness) white liquid. Return the oat milk to the heat and simmer on medium until you have a 1 quart of liquid. then pore it in to a preheated quart jar, put a lid on it and allow it to cool. once cool it can be placed in the fridge until you are ready to use it. prior to using it run it through a straining cloth. when cold it should be a little thicker (kind of like hot gravy)

**caramelized sugar syrup

The following is my own version of a caramel syrup illustrated in this thread

Really the only difference between mine and his is I use white and brown sugar and I don't use DAP. By not using the DAP you are required to heat the sugar up hotter to get the same effect.

To make the caramel syrup take 1 lb white sugar and 1 lb brown sugar and 1 cup of water. Mix together and bring the mix to a boil over medium heat. Using a candy thermometer, stop the boil at 325 F by SLOWLY adding a about a cup of hot water while gently stirring the solution. Be careful as the mix will spit out hot bits. After adding the water you will need to dissolve the syrup by stirring gently until the solution reaches the stage called soft ball (240F). This is when the syrup is done. Stop the cooking by submerging the pan in cool water or by transferring the syrup to a preheated mason jar. The final product should have a nice dark brown color similar to a dark beer and should have a strong caramel flavor but should not have a burned flavor. Make sure you taste it after it cools because if it tastes burnt it will ruin your cider.

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How did it turn out?

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I am thinking about the same sort of cider except using brown rice flakes instead of oats because of my wife's allergies, I think I want to add hops as well though kind of like a caramel graff

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Any word on how this turned out?

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Can you not just ferment out then back sweeten with caramel coffee syrup. ?
Saves time and without the tisk of a burnt sugar taste if it goes wrong..

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Whoa, this sounds amazing. I'll make this my next project. Thanks for making a gallon recipe for us small batch brewings.

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