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Originally Posted by Bernie Brewer
My ex only boob-fed our first, and only for a couple months. She borrowed a breast pump from her brother's wife, tried it, and sat there listening to me say "mooooo" every couple minutes. The pump went back to the SIL and the kid went onto the bottle.
.... And this reminds me of when she was pumping I would make the joke about putting on my coveralls and straw hat and getting up at the crack of dawn to milk the wife.

Never used Starsan to clean the pump though.

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Kind of off topic but my bottle tree gets used for baby bottles more than beer bottles now.
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Originally Posted by TyTanium View Post
Back to the OP, yup. Works like a champ. Also used on bottles, plastic toys, etc. If the dog licks the kids toy, boom...Star San. Good as new.
I can tell you a bite from a human is much worse than a dog bite, bacteria wise. There is, however, that ass licking the dog I mean.

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Originally Posted by cl330b View Post
That reminds me of when my wife first used the pump. I was working the dial and I turned it all the way up! She started crying, I felt terrible. But now I'm picturing the nipple cups on my March!
Hahaha. Something like that happened here too.
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Ok, we all know about moms using the breast pumps. Honestly though, how many of us dads have tried it, just to see what happens? I tried the pump out when my wife was running errands. Hurt like hell. Thank god all my kids are past the bottle/ breast feeding stage.....

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used starsan on it nope, only because i had no idea and didnt brew then or hell ya spray bottle next to the pump lol, tried it out yup, drunk bored no one home lol you all know you though about it.

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Originally Posted by davefleck

Just say NO to purell parenting. Immune systems aren't built by isolation.
My niece's kindergarten class had hand sanitizer as one if the things your child was supposed to bring in to keep the class stocked up on. So my sister wrote to the teacher and asked that my native not be allowed to use the sanitizer.
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I think we boiled bottles and toys exactly twice. I gave up after finding my oldest chewing on the dogs half eaten rawhide.

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