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So, the least reliable car in the world (my Volkswagen New Beetle) died a couple of weeks ago. I probably could have fixed it again, but was sick of it, so its gone. Last week, I went to the local Ford dealer and bought a new 2012 Fiesta SE. I was very pleased when I found out that they had Fiestas with manual transmissions available.

When we were in Sweden and Denmark two summers ago, I spent six weeks driving a Volvo with manual transmission, which reminded me of how much fun it is to drive stick shifts.

The folks at the Ford dealer told me that even with the Fiesta, many drivers want automatic transmissions. I got a good deal on the car, which may have had something to do with the fact that they were having a hard time selling the manual transmission cars. I don't know.

We also saw a lot of Fiestas in Scandinavia when we were there - Ford was selling Fiestas there for a few years before introducing them here earlier this year.

In any case, I like driving the stick shift and the Fiesta quite a bit. Here's a gallery of photos of the Fiesta. 2012 Ford Fiesta | View Full Gallery of Photos |

Anyone else prefer a manual transmission or interested in the Fiesta?

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Dec 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
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will always drive a stick.

will never drive American.

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Jan 2011
Milford, NH
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I much prefer driving a car with a proper manual gearbox. I will say the Fiesta quickly caught my eye, but the new 2012 Beetle is really getting my attention.

Currently driving a 2000 Mazda 626 2.5L V6 with a manual gearbox. It's a driver's car.

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Aug 2010
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Big manual transmission fan too. Can't stand automatics.

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Originally Posted by Cambone View Post
. . . but the new 2012 Beetle is really getting my attention . . .
I can't overstate what a giant pile of carp my 2003 Beetle was - and not just in little annoying ways, but in big "the car won't run" ways.

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Nov 2010
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Manuals are way more fun. Except in traffic, the I-15 through Las Vegas during rush hour every day makes me glad i have an auto now.

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Originally Posted by Jota21 View Post
will always drive a stick.

will never drive American.
We bought a Nissan in 1998 when we traded in our Ford Taurus (which was a good car for us) and haven't had another car from an American car company until now. But the reviewers seem to like many of the products coming out of Ford and Chevy these days. In addition to the Fiesta, I also considered the Ford Focus, the Chevy Cruze and Sonic.

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Jun 2011
dillsburg, pa
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you think its tough to find a manual in a economy car I had to look for weeks to find a nice 3 series BMW with manual. I just don't get the point of owning a sports sedan with a automatic. if automatics is what drivers want they might as well buy a buick.

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Sep 2009
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Same here, love manual. I've driven a manual car most of the time since I learned in the Army, even here in NYC where most people think a manual transmission is an annoyance. Both of my Jeeps have been manual and I also have had two Mitsubishi Eclipses and a Suzuki Samurai in stick.

Hopefully soon we are moving to upstate NY and I'm going to have to get a commuter car. The Fiesta is one of the cars I am considering. Family members of mine have had great experiences with Hyundai's though so they are high up on the list too.
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Jan 2010
Marengo, Illinois
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Both my wife and I learned how to drive on manual transmission vehicles. When we bought our Hyundai Elantra Touring, we would have preferred stick, but one salesman I spoke with said he had never seen a Touring with anything but automatic. We LOVE the car...but hate the automatic transmission!

And my Ford F-150 pickup is automatic, as well. I would much rather have had four--or even five--on the floor!

Don't sweat the minutiae!

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