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Mar 2007
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Racking from the primary to the secondary today, I was left with a substantial amount of headspace in the secondary carboy. I must have lost a lot to evaporation when boiling the wort. Is this a problem? I've read that you want as little space as possible in the secondary. Is there anything I can do? What is this going to do to my beer?

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Professor Frink
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Sep 2006
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I wouldn't worry about it. After you rack, it should give off a little CO2, which will blanket the top of the beer. RDWHAHB

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It'll be fine. If ya don't beleive me, pop the air lock off after 24 hours and take a good whiff. You'll gasp (literally) at the level of CO2 in that head space.

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Mar 2007
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Thanks all! Adding water didn't sound right. I do not want to dilute the wonderful nectar inside.

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Old 05-07-2007, 03:58 PM   #5
Chief Bottle Washer
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Do you think this is the case all of the time? A friend of mine gave me two glass 7.5 gal carboys, and I seem to always have about half the damn things empty most of the times that I use them as secondaries. I was beginning to wonder if this is a problem.
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Old 07-11-2011, 09:27 PM   #6
Jun 2009
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Just thought I'd bizzump this 4-year-old thread rather than start a new one (it shows that I have done a search, which makes people like me more).

I have a Kolsch which has been in primary just over 2 weeks. I was going to transfer to secondary for lagering next weekend (assuming FG has been reached, I haven't checked yet but was planning on taking a sample on Wednesady), however I only have 25 litre buckets. There's currently about 4 inches of head space at the top of the one I'm currently fermenting in, obviously if I transfer to secondary this will be slightly more as I will be getting rid of the trub.

Basically, will this be ok? If it has reached FG will there still be a little blankie of CO2 protecting mah beer? Or do I need to get a more suitable container to use as a secondary?

Also, while I am here, I will probably be bottling these beers. Will there still be sufficient yeast in suspension to carbonate them after 3 weeks in primary and 4 weeks lagering? If not, any recommendations on how to introduce yeast at bottling time to ensure carbonation? Just add a pinch of US-05 or something?

Cheers :-)
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Oct 2007
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Chances are with the transfer the stirring up will create a little more fermentation. Or if you can't chill, pitch a little sugar and kickstart a little action

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