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Hey Ladies and Gents!

It has been a long time since I posted here, because, well, my life is CHAOTIC.

So, I started my first ever batch of Edwort's Apfelwein, and then, due to circumstances beyond my control, wound up moving to Puerto Rico on three day's notice. Just came back to visit my family for the holidays, and bottled the stuff. I know it isn't supposed to sit on the yeast for a whole year....but there was nothing I could do about it, so my hope is that once it carbonates and ages for awhile, it will be a nice tasty drink, or at least halfway drinkable.

Anyway, before I leave for another 6 months to a year, I'd like to start a new batch in the carboy. Do you think this is advisable, or am I wasting my time and money by doing this? I saw that great recipe for blueberry cider, it sounds amazing--but will the berries rot if they are left there for a year? Or will it all be good and I can bottle it when I get back (which will be the first time I try the stuff I bottled today?)

Anyway, if anyone can suggest a recipe that is suited to my unique and chaotic situation, I'd appreciate it. Within a few years I'll be "settled" and I'd like to have a nice collection of aged ciders that are very tasty that I can enjoy at that time. Any and all input and ideas are very welcome!

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Apfelwein will only get better sitting in the primary for a year.
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Most of the threads I've seen recommend against letting the witches brew stand on its lees. Unlike wine where this can encourage a malolactic fermentation, thus softening the wine.

I myself haven't let anything stand on the funk longer than a week, but peraonally, I can't think of a reason not to give it a try. The worst that could happen is you come home to a 5 gallon batch of nastiness that you have to put down the drain.

For the 20-30 bucks it costs id say put the time and restraint you have built in to good use and mix up some simple apfelwein.

You don't have anyone that's willing to come over after a month and rack it for you?

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