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Apr 2007
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Well, I am a beginning brewer having only brewed 2 batches and bottle none, yet.
First batch to be brewed next week. 2nd batch brewed today.

I bought 2 cases of bottles from a local store at $13 a case. I just hate buying bottles.

I live in middle tennessee and really can't find and real good bears like NewCastle or the like. I can get Guiness and Corona but at $7-8 a six pack that's killing me.

I was thinking I would try a local bar to see if I could bring them a box and see if they would save pry-off bottles for me but not sure how many pry-off beers they sell and if they would even do that for me.

I have found bottles online for 9.99 a case but shipping pretty much kills that idea.

Any ideas?


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Feb 2007
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If you are careful, you can use twist off bottles. Some brands work better than others. The neck ring varies a little, making it hard for a wing capper to get a good grip. Some bottles are also thinner glass than others, thus a little more likely to break during capping. When I was using them I was breaking about 1 bottle per batch, so that's only about a 2% loss. Once I figured out which brands were breaking, I pretty much eliminated that loss.

You can pick up those "disposable" bottles just about anywhere including along the side of the road in many cases. Just think of them as something to use until you get a big enough stock of the regular bottles. If you have a recycling center around that handles glass bottles, check with them. You can often buy the bottles back from them for whatever the redemption rate is.

Bugeater Brewing Company

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Apr 2007
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Call up a local micro brewery. Ask them if they will sell you returned bottles.

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Jan 2007
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Ya might need to expand your taste buds. (that helps in homebrewing) Sam Adams, etc...should be readily available.

I hate to spend $ on empty bottles when for a few dollars more they can be filled.

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Nov 2005
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go to any pub in your town that sells good micro by the bottle and go through their recycling, or go in and ask if you can take some empties off there hands.

That is the beauty of Seattle area, mandatory recycling, so there is a dumpster of bottles to be had in the back of just about everywhere!!


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Oct 2006
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We pay 10cent deposit in Mich. I go to neighbor hood beer store he lets me take what I want for 10cents each.

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Ya don't live in Austin, do you?

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Mar 2007
Sydney, Australia
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When i needed to get my bottle collection started... I just told all my mates to come over for BBQ and beer drinking... made them all drink longnecks and collected the bottles when they were done...

Good times were had by all... and i got some empty bottles at the end of it too

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Dec 2006
Bay Area, CA
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Yeah, the thought that you can not use a screw top is a total myth. The biggest thing to look for is the "lip" for the capper to grab on to. If you want an example, look at a Miller Lite bottle and look at a Budweiser bottle. I've had problems with Miller Lite because there isn't much for the capper to grab on to so the cap is often lopsided and leaks. I have never had a Budweiser bottle leak.

So I guess my point is that you shouldn't limit yourself to only pop tops if you are trying to build your bottle collection.

I like the idea of checking with you local bar so see if they can save some bottles for you. I'm sure a 6 pack of your homebrew will be plenty to convince them to hand over something they plan to throw away.
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Short Drive
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Not only check with the bars for pry offs, but see if they sell some of the beer in P.E.T. bottles. Try walking the neighborhood on recycling day. Or drive to my house. I counted this morning 23 cases of bottles and I want to start kegging.

Magic Bus Brewery

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