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Nov 2011
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This is a berry sweet mead (cyser) i am making, I'm an organic brewer so your results won't be the same as mine as i do not pasteurize. But i do encourage a trial batch.

I used 13 different varieties (for balance/tannins) and just shy of 80 pounds so we'll say 75 lbs.

Juice from 75 lbs. apples

8 lbs honey (I'm using wildflower and blackberry from my area)

5 lbs strawberries

3 lbs rasberries

1 lb blueberries

1 oz. Sweet orange peel

1 packet wyeast sweet mead.

Now this is where my recipe differs from most.

Core and quarter apples, crush to desired size ( i use a food processor and literally make apple sauce) than pasteurize as you wish. If not squeeze directly into carboy/fermenter through muslin, cheese cloth, mesh produce bag, white t-shirt or any other semi-permiable membrane you desire. I've debated just dumping the sauce in at times.

If pasteurized allow to cool before dumping your yeasties in. If not wait as long as possible (at least a month [Longer= better]) i was impatient and only waited one.

Allow at least 1 and a half months for primary fermentation.

Rack to secondary with 2 lbs honey. Aerate/stir vigorously (highly recommended)

Blend the heck out of all berrys and add remaining honey, pasteurize if desired and dump em in.

Allow atleast six months in seconsary if not pasteurizing for a wild fermentation. Otherwise one will be fine.

Either prime bottles with 1 teaspoon honey or use dectrose as you would for 5 gallons (3/4 to 1 lb i believe)

Allow atleast two months for attenuation although six to a year is recommended.

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