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I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm looking for an "american red ale" recipe...not an american amber...a nice, hoppy IIPA with a solid malt backbone (think troegs nugget nectar, bear republic red rocket, sam adams tasmian red).

Troegs Nugget nectar uses 80% vienna so I'm set on using that. I'm considering the special B in a low dose for color and small flavor addition, and the 1oz roasted barley mostly for color. I figure I can get a lot of color from the vienna itself. without further adieu, here's the recipe

50 IPA - Imperial IPA
Batch Size: 5.693 gal
Boil Size: 6.750 gal
Boil Time: 0.000 s
Efficiency: 70%%
OG: 1.080
FG: 1.020
ABV: 7.8%%
Bitterness: 75.6 IBUs (Tinseth)
Color: 12 SRM (Morey)

                   Name  Type    Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
            Vienna Malt Grain 13.000 lb    Yes   No  78%%   4 L
   Pale Malt (2 Row) US Grain  4.000 lb    Yes   No  79%%   2 L
         Special B Malt Grain  4.000 oz    Yes   No  65%% 160 L
         Roasted Barley Grain  1.000 oz     No   No  55%% 300 L
 Sugar, Table (Sucrose) Sugar  8.000 oz     No   No 100%%   1 L
Total grain: 17.812 lb

                   Name  Alpha   Amount     Use       Time   Form  IBU
             Centennial 10.5%% 1.500 oz    Boil 60.000 min Pellet 40.7
 Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus 15.5%% 1.000 oz    Boil 15.000 min Pellet 19.9
                Cascade  6.0%% 1.000 oz    Boil 10.000 min Pellet  5.6
               Amarillo  9.5%% 1.000 oz    Boil  5.000 min Pellet  4.9
 Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus 15.5%% 1.000 oz    Boil  2.000 min Pellet  3.4
             Centennial 10.5%% 1.000 oz    Boil  1.000 min Pellet  1.2
                 Simcoe 13.0%% 1.000 oz    Boil    0.000 s Pellet  0.0

               Amarillo  9.5%% 1.000 oz Dry Hop  7.000 day Pellet  0.0
 Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus 15.5%% 1.000 oz Dry Hop  7.000 day Pellet  0.0

        Name Type Form     Amount   Stage
 Safale S-05  Ale  Dry 1.167 tbsp Primary
any thoughts or suggestions on the grain or hop bill? As for yeast I'll be pitching 1.5 packs of s-05 dry.

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I would double the Special "B" and the roast barley amounts to 1/2# and 2oz, respectively, you don't have enough in there to make it actually turn red. For the roasted barley, grind it up in a coffee grinder or a blender, into a powder, and sprinkle it on top of the mash right before volauf. I did this with my SN Celebration clone and it gave it the appropriate color without any noticeable roast flavor at all.
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Loos pretty good to be. My only hesitation would be at the special B. I have used twice that much and the flavor is very prominent and in IIPAs I hesitate to use much dark caramel at all. I have a feeling you will get enough malty character from the 80% vienna. You could use more roasted barley if all you are looking for is the color.

You might also consider bumping the IBUs up some. For IPAs and the like, I like to go with a 1:1 BU:GU ratio. Maybe even higher for a IIPA.

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Feb 2010
Lebanon, PA
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Sounds good, thanks for the suggestions. I think i'll double and late add the roasted barley, and up the bittering addition to 2 oz. I figure i'll mash around 151 to dry it out.

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