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I love my glass carboys and I love watching my beer ferment inside them! I've thought about dropping a battery powered LED lamp inside and using them as the worlds coolest bedside lava lamp...

Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
Lamma spit ain't fun.
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i don't think cleaning a glass carboy is that difficult. add some warm water, shake and repeat. to get off all the krausen, i usually just fill it up the rim and use a brush; no problem at all. dry hopping doesn't add much more difficulty as well.

i love looking at an active fermentation . . . it looks (and smells) like victory.

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No it doesn't.
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I think there's too much head space in a bucket, especially if you are taking gravity readings after the krausen has fallen. If a lighter stays lit below the edge of the bucket, you don't have a very good CO2 blanket. I use a refractometer with carboys and top the head space every time I open it (with CO2). I know there are guys making great beer in buckets only, just not my route.
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Both make beer

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I've fermented one batch in a carboy. It tasted just the same as when I fermented the same recipe in a bucket. If that aspect isn't any different, I'll take my cheap and easy to clean buckets any day over a carboy for my primary vessel of choice.
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I was noticing that I was getting premature oxidation when I was using buckets. Especially with my hoppy beers.

This thread is doomed to denigrate to a flame-fest.
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Originally Posted by jtejedor View Post
I agree I do like to see fermentation taking place.
Do I hear web cam?
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Originally Posted by Hammy71
Your not going to get a consensus. But, give me a glass carboy any day. Sure they can send you to the Emergency Room. But, if I was worried about my health....I wouldn't drink nearly as much, or at all, as I do. I can 'see' when fermentation is done without opening a lid. If you take care of your carboys they will last for ever. I love it. But, to each his own.

Glass carboy in a milk crate, cheap and very effective. Carboys last a very long time if you pay attention and don't be in hurry. when it comes time to clean a GC, PBW and hot water. You might not even need a brush.

But in the end, both make beer and that is the goal. That's the best part of this hobby. No rules, only guidelines.

Happy holidays HBT.
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Does anyone make a clear bucket? Then you could watch and easily clean.

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