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Nov 2011
Orlando, FL
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So I have an imperial brown ale that spent a week and a half in primary and has now been in secondary for close to a month. It spent two weeks on oak chips. A few days ago I pulled out the carboy to show a friend and put it back. Today I pulled it out again to begin bottling only to find that there were a few white bubbles floating on top of the beer. Also, there were shards of oak chip scraps floating that were not floating when I looked at it the other day. Is this infected? It tastes fine and smells fine but I don't want to drink anything that will make me sick. I was particularly careful with my sanitation for this batch so I'm wondering how this could happen. Any thoughts?

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Sep 2011
Puyallup, WA
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It won't make you sick. Picture would help honestly, but it sounds fine.
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More than likely it's just yeast rafts, a pic would help but 99.99% of the time when someone starts this kind of thread that's what it turns out to be.
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Jul 2009
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I don't think it is infected. In all likelihood, when who pulled the carboy out, you roused some yeast and oak chips off the bottom. You might even have eked out a little more fementation in the process. if it looks fine and smells fine, it is fine. You won't get sick from it, unless you drink 12 pints in one hour.
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Sep 2011
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sounds like you stirred some chips up when you showed your friend. check the gravity, make sure its done, and bottle it up.

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May 2011
Ithaca, NY
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I wouldn't worry much about it. Moving the secondary could have stirred up some things that floated up in to solution and maybe even released some of the small amount of CO2 in solution which could raise up some small bits of oak. If you're not detecting anything wrong with the aroma or the flavor then it is very unlikely there will be a problem. Even if you have unfortunate bad luck and have some sort of infection it won't make you sick... Might tatse horrid and be undrinkable, but it won't make you sick(well unless you just drink way too much).

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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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Dec 2008
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Small white bubbles or big shiny plasticy bubbles? If it's the former, possibly a change in pressure/temperature is causing some CO2 to come out of solution. Some of the CO2 bubbles could be clinging to the wood chunks and lifting them up to the surface.
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Nov 2009
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There is nothing that can survive in beer that can make you sick. Just bottle it.

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Oct 2010
escanaba, michigan
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Sound like you may have got things excited in there when you moved it around. Should be fine, but send me a sample to make sure. Prime and bottle it, in 3weeks tell us how good it is. Cheers

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Jan 2011
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It's pretty hard to get an infection... more than likely your beer is a-o.k. I wouldn't worry about getting sick unless it makes you sick to smell and drink it.

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