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Oct 2006
Ankeny, IA
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Interesting read on a brewer who is using wastewater from brewing to create electricity.
Beer maker, Scientists to create energy

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Oct 2006
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Yet another reason why beer kicks a$$.

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Feb 2006
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This kind of thing is what the world needs!

I've been to Brisbane about 12 years ago. I loved it there.

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Brewing Clamper
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Apr 2006
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Well, if you drink enough of the sediment from the bottles, you could have your own NG source too!

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Sep 2005
Baltimore, MD
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The folks at New Belgium Brewery - makers of Fat Tire, do something similar...

in a video-tour I watched, they said methane generated from their water-treatment plant helped power the brewery itself.

Circle of life.


***EDIT*** This is the link to their water-processing plant:

oh, and also, New Belgium was apparently featured on MSN recently too... : the hbt thread:
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Oct 2005
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Try and do that with grapes, winos!
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Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by david_42
Try and do that with grapes, winos!

Lol. Down with the vines! Down with the vines! C'mon...everybody! Down with the vines! They are ruining our world! WINEBIBBERS!!!!
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Jun 2006
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save fossil fuels - drink more beer!
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Jan 2007
Webberville, Michigan
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I'm attending community college right now to become a renewable energy engineer, and this is a great way to combine my two interests (homebrewing and stickin' it to big oil).

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Aug 2006
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It's awesome New Belgium cares enough to go to the expense of making their own water treatment plant!

Just throwing this out there for david and zoebisch (and for controversey's sake)- winemaking is clearly more environmentally friendly than beermaking because there is much less heating/cooling involved. That's the element of homebrewing I like least - using a couple gallons of propane and wasting cooling water each time I brew. Wine just happens naturally.

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