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Nov 2011
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I'm in the process of designing my new brew rig. I don't have much experience with metal work and welding, but I'm going to learn.

My one question that I am currently wondering is about the joints for the frame. Some people will do a 45 degree cut and weld along the angle, others with just but the ends of the steel just as is.

Is there any advantage to the 45 degree cut or is it just looks?
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Oct 2010
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Mostly looks. I think as long as the leg supports are underneath the top frame your fine either way. Think of it like your framing a wall. The top of the rig (Top plate) should be supported by the legs (Studs).

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Jul 2011
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Originally Posted by Coldies View Post
Mostly looks. I think as long as the leg supports are underneath the top frame your fine either way. Think of it like your framing a wall. The top of the rig (Top plate) should be supported by the legs (Studs).
If you are welding this dosent make much of a difference. A good weld is generally stronger than the surrounding material.

The 45s will be slightly stronger, slightly. At the weights we are looking at any of them will work it is just what you like to see. I assume you are having someone weld this up for you? If not it might be a good idea to do like coldies says since your welds could be questionalbe.

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May 2011
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If you're doing something like a Brutus knock-off, using 45 joints on the top level means you don't need to weld cap coupons anywhere on the entire structure. Plus you can weld up that whole level on a flat surface (read: welding table) and keep it true (read: lots of clamps ) If that section is straight and square, it will provide a good "base" for what follows.

Everything else can be butt jointed...


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Jan 2009
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It is all show to make it look pretty...

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45's look better, are stronger, and are LESS work.
No open ends to have to make end caps, weld them on, and grind.

The other joint your asking about(essentially a tee) is for quick and dirty.
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Nov 2009
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A 45 degree joint is much stronger. If you take scrap and weld each type of joint up and then pull them apart, you will notice the 45 degree is far superior. But for brew stands, the shape in most cases doesn't warrant it. It looks cleaner and requires less work. (That's why we use them)

Having said that, as a at novice cutting and welding steel I agree that you stick with butt joints and not worry about end caps.

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