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If I was in his position, my demise would be at the bottom of an Optimator because I wouldn't be able to live with that allergy anyway! I gave up shellfish when that hit me at 25, but beer? No way.
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While I enjoy a PBR every once in a while, I'm a card carrying S.N.O.B.

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Let's see...besides what I produce, I enjoy Bud (a very good beer, actually), Rolling Rock, and Schaefer (believe it or not, sometimes I LIKE the corn taste).

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Oh, but a local bar did a "mystery beer" night - you pay $2, they bring you a mystery bottle wrapped in a paper bag. Sometimes it's Spaten or something from New Belgium, other times it's crap.

SWMBO wound up with a MGD 64 with lemon. That's where we draw the line. Awful, vile stuff.
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I like Miller Lite. It's a good mindless drinking, swillin' beer
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Originally Posted by TyTanium View Post
Do what you like, brew what you like. Don't be a tool.

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Originally Posted by j1laskey View Post
If you don't fancy the Highlife than your an idiot.
Lowlife is the worst ****ing beer on the face of the planet.

P.S. I drink PBR and Bud/Bud light all the time, I'm no snob.
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Originally Posted by JonM
Oh, but a local bar did a "mystery beer" night - you pay $2, they bring you a mystery bottle wrapped in a paper bag. Sometimes it's Spaten or something from New Belgium, other times it's crap.
Sounds like that would be a pretty fun time.
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Personally, I'm huge fan of the Walgreens "Big Flats" adjuct lager. I know, I know, it's supposedely worse than BMC, but an ice cold one is so refreshing while doing yard work. Just don't let it warm up. And $2.99 for a sixer means more money spent on MY beer.

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Originally Posted by ajbram View Post
I'm with you on this one eastoak. Not to knock anyone for drinking BMC but I just can't do it.

And not to hijack the thread, but I think this is a good place to tell a little story, and it fits with the drinking ****ty beers with inlaws theme here.

The insult: At Thanksgiving (the Canadian one) we had my brother-in-law and his wife over. I had a case of 24 Mill Street Tankhouse Ale on hand (for those of you unfamiliar, this is a really really good micro-brewed hoppy pale ale from Toronto). The brother in law proceeded to polish off a bunch of them and when we ran out of beer, he offered to buy the next case, went to the beer store and came back with 12 Labatt's Blue. To me, this is a huge party foul. I did not drink any, as I had some good rum on hand. He left the Blue, and made the comment that he expected them to be "improved" by Christmas - meaning that he expected me to drink the ****ty beer and replace it with something good.

The revenge: I tried to drink a blue after cutting the grass one day, and I got about 2 sips in before dumping it (again not knocking anyone who likes the stuff, but I just can't do it). I thought, "How can I get back at him for doing this terrrible injustice to my beer fridge?" So, here's what I did: I have put a little "IMPROVED" sticker on each bottle of his crappy beers and put them in the fridge next to my home brews. When he asks for a beer, that will be what he gets.

Is this reasonable?
I think were either kindrid spirits or your my parellel reality, at thanksgiving my brother in law helped me polish off a sierra navada torpedo 12 pack and a growler of berkshire breweries india pale ale and when it was all gone he runs out to his car to grab his 9 pack of miller light.........YUCK ......of which i drank none . I guess im a snob but if were out i'll hit the blue moon or sam lager on draft.

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When meeting up with friends for football Ill tend to bring a 6er of stuff 'I like' and a 12er of stuff 'they like'. the 12er is usually coors light as when i finish my brews I have no problem playing a little drinking game with it lol.

Back home in Puerto Rico it was usually Medalla light
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