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I'll be watching this one too!


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Count me in......

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I'm new to this game so how much give or take is this plate chiller you are talking about?

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I'm interested in what your design is and the overall price. Make it affordable and you got a winner.

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Well... as I've said before I'm already involved in a patent request for the product so I can't really give too many details out. I'm sorry... I know that's kind of a jerk thing to say but there's a reason for it, and that has to do mostly with the economics of making one versus making a lot. It's too cost prohibitive for somebody to just make one of these. But I've sourced the materials and manufacturing and I can mass produce it for a fraction of the cost of the prototype. So basically, if I gave away any details about the design it wouldn't be any good to you guys because it would cost too much to make. The only people who would benefit would be somebody interested in producing these en masse. Basically somebody trying to make money off of my work. I'm a small time operator, and without the protection of a patent, I can't risk that.

But believe me, when a patent is secured (or denied, which is also possible) I'll gladly share all details about the product. Who knows, perhaps you guys will have more resources at your disposal than I do and could make one for cheaper than I did. I have absolutely no problem with anybody trying to make one of these themselves because I started this thing as a DIY project and I totally respect that.

Final price still has yet to be determined... but I'm shooting for about $150. I will say this, the bulk of the cost is in two essential parts. Without those, it would only be about $50.

again, sorry i can't be more forthcoming. i hate withholding from my fellow beer enthusiasts. I hope you understand.
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I had looked into non brazed plate chillers, there was not much in the way of sizes that we would use. I had stumbled across this one which was perfect but they do not manufacturer this size anymore. I would love to see you pull this off!

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Any updates?
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Originally Posted by slacker
...again, sorry i can't be more forthcoming. i hate withholding from my fellow beer enthusiasts. I hope you understand.
No worries mate, can't blame a guy for trying to protect a possible livelihood! But do let us know how things are going and if it's looking good!

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Any progress on this? It sounds like a great idea and I'd buy one in a heartbeat as long as the price was reasonable.

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I'd definitely be interested. Plate chillers have a lot of pluses (size/efficiency/speed), and really the only big minus is the difficulty cleaning. If you could solve that, you'd have the perfect chiller.

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