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Oct 2011
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from the backyardfarmer...

"Four or five days before you plan to drink your cider get hold of the best possible apple juice you can, you either slip down to the local market or supermarket and see what is available, or you use a juicing machine. Juice a blend of about two kilos of tart and sweet apples. Next three quarters fill a one litre plastic bottle with the juice, add a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of bakers or champagne yeast to the container, tighten the lid and shake, then, and this is very important, loosen the lid. Put the bottle in a warm place but out of the sun for two days, three days if you want a drier cider.

After two to three days fermentation, should be well underway and you should see froth on top of the apple juice this is the bubbles released when the yeasts turns the apple sugars to alcohol. Now you can try a small sip of your brew, if you are happy with the result place the bottle in the fridge to slow down the fermentation. If the fridge is cold it will probably stop the fermentation completely. After twenty four hours you should have a slightly spritzig, slightly alcoholic, medium sweet cider, it will be cloudy with bits of dead yeast in it and if you want to you can filter it through cheese cloth. Do not try to store your cider, drink it and enjoy it. In the meantime keep it refrigerated."

Would this turn out ok? I'd let it ferment as much as possible before fridging it to get rid of all the sugar possible.

It seems a very quick and hassle free method but is probably tooooo easy to be good knowing my luck. Do you folks think this method produce reasonable cider?

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Jul 2011
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If you followed these instructions, you would end up with a slightly alcoholic cider as the recipe claims.

If you have a LHBS close by, go ahead and pick up an airlock, this $2 piece would lessen your risk of other bugs playing in your cider.
Since you're wanting a dry, still cider, I would recommend champagne yeast and let it sit for a couple of weeks to get it nice and dry.

As far as a reasonable cider goes, there are many variables that can affect the taste, my recommendation is to just try it out and see what happens.


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Oct 2011
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It'd turn out lovely

If you follow the recipe.

It won't be high proof if you're gonna fridge it after four days. Young ciders can cover up a little funk with a lot of sugar.. once you hit dry you're probably going to want to age it for a while. So, be wary of how dry you let it go. Also, the faster it dries the funkier it'll be and the longer it'll have to mellow. Generally speaking. I had a batch of something like this going that blew up and died in four days, not that it was drinkable.

This - http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f81/5-da...-cider-265986/ - is a lot like what you're doing and the author states it hits around 5% in a little under a week. I'd recommend it.
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