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May 2011
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Originally Posted by Student7 View Post
Thermapen, hands down winner. I use it at so many points in the process from mashing to cooling to checking fermentation temps. It's so nice to have an instant accurate read on temperatures.

That said, if I hadn't got it as a gift I don't know that I would have spent that much on a thermometer, so I'd say any reasonably accurate digital thermeter that gives a pretty quick reading would be your friend forever.
Can you calibrate the thermapen?

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Originally Posted by MikeinCT
I am liking my refractometer. I can get a quick reading on my wort with a small sample.
+1 on the refractometer. I have 3, a full range, a low range and a digital. I LOVE the digital one because you can get an actual number and not try to see between the fuzzy lines with my bad eyes. Use it during the brew to see how my numbers are coming out and if something will need to be adjusted. It's also great to monitor fermentation too. (don't listen to the haters that say you can't)

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So many choices...

Fermention Chamber (temp control)

Out of all of those, the temp control box actually made my beer better where everything else makes brewing easier. I wouldn't brew without any of them, though.

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Nov 2011
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call me old school, but my hydrometer
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Originally Posted by Cpt_Kirks View Post
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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
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Originally Posted by JasontheBeaver View Post
Can you calibrate the thermapen?
Not a real calibration, but it has a trim adjust where you can set it to add or subtract a set amount from every reading, up to plus or minus 3.6F.

I think you could calibrate the older models, but the current model has to be sent back to the factory for calibration (for a fee) if ever needed. Each one is "NIST-traceable" calibrated before it leaves the factory. Not sure what that means exactly other than they probably follow some pretty rigid standards for calibration procedure, and each one comes with a certificate that shows the actual test data from the calibration.

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The best part of brewing is drinking it. And what better way to facilitate that then from stainless steel perlick taps.

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I hope mine will be the newly polished keg fitted with all new weldless, stainless 3 piece ball valve, stainless comp fitting, stainless dip tube, and stainless, weldless sight glass fitting and tube (thanks Bobby!). I love me some holiday cheer!
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Jan 2011
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Autosiphon is not the most glamourous, but still a popular choice, and mine as well.
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Originally Posted by unionrdr View Post
At this point,I'd have to say my bottle tree & vinator. Makes bottling day way easier & faster.
I have to agree....
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Jan 2011
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My stereo.

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