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Knock off the a-hole stuff guys or take it to the debate forum.

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When I was growing up my mom kept a sourdough starter and every week or two made several loaves of bread. Since we couldn't eat all the bread ourselves she shared the bread with her coworkers but made sure they knew that she had a strict list she kept on who was next. They were much appreciative and peacefully waited their turn.

If you're really into giving away a six-pack or two of your batch a similar technique could be used: limit the amount and make sure people know about The List. There's nothing quite like sharing bread -- liquid or otherwise -- with friends.

Of course, my mother worked at a parochial school so your mileage may vary...
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Originally Posted by Airborneguy View Post
If anyone ever asked me to fill 12 bottles for them, they would be lucky if I only returned them filled with water.
So how much bottling sugar do you need to add to pee to get it to carb properly?

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Hell if someone came over, supplied the ingredients, and then helped with clean up, I would brew them a batch. I have a friend who calls on occation with a sob story and tries to con me out of some beer or wine "old bro" style. I do not mind giving up a bottle of wine but I have too much money tied up in the beer to just be randomly giving it away. Although I do give all of the beer away I only give it to a select few. My mother in law who brought me my first kit and bought bottles is first, the misses second, close friends, and then my tattoo artist. All of these people do things for me though. I am thinking of investing in a tap-a-draft system to make distribution easier.

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Originally Posted by JasontheBeaver
So how much bottling sugar do you need to add to pee to get it to carb properly?
Depends on whether or not you're diabetic.

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Originally Posted by SenorPepe View Post
I have to say that I admire your insistence on payment in Mexican food.
You beat me to the punch.

I am sudddenly hungry for something with lime, cilantro and sour cream...

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Sharing is good. To me the value of homebrew is the 5 hours it takes to brew a batch. But if I am invited to a party I bring a cooler of 10 beers on ice. I think it is appreciated and it is something special I can offer.

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Originally Posted by helibrewer View Post
Tell him to go to the LHBS and pick up his favorite recipe along with a couple cases of bottles....bring them over with at least a 6 pack to drink while your brewing....and teach him how!! He can come back over to help you sanitize and bottle!!
Bingo, thats what I had in mind also. Make pick a recipe, pay for it and help you with the entire process and he can get 50%
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Originally Posted by Jwood View Post
reminds me of this guy that stayed with us for a while.

I have a keezer and i put one of my cornies in the keezer, carbed, pulled a taster (yes taster) glass and tried it. Figured it could age a bit longer. Came back a few weeks later to finally dive into the keg, pull the tap handle...and.....pfffffff C02.

What the f*@%!?

He had drank the whole keg without me knowing or getting even 1 whole pint (we were always home at different times). I usually offered him a glass or two of other kegs at night if i'd see him and i guess he thought that meant endless supply of free brew. We are good now though, we talked about it

So yes, i feel your pain
Sounds a bit like my recent experience. My neighbor/friend is pretty much welcome to drink whatever he wants from my keezer. He's not the type that will drink 6 pints a setting or anything like that and usually it's when we're hanging out. He does watch our dogs too when gone for weekend trips to the beach. Anyhow, I kegged this brown ale, carbed and had maybe 6-8 pints soon after it was ready to drink. I'd have one here and there, but not much as I don't drink the dark beers as quick as the pale ales. Planned to have this keg for at least 2 months. About a week after our T-day weekend trip I noticed some fresh beer on the floor by the keezer (he usually fills up a Bud beer bottle). So I go in an find what was nearly a full keg of Brown ale is just about empty. Dude must have had a couple a good weekends while I was gone. Not too big of a deal because he pays it back in a lot of other ways, but dang...

Other than him and my other neighbor I don't get too much pressure on my supply. We did have a service guy yesterday that ended up not charging us. He mentioned that him and his buddy wanted to start homebrewing. As he left I gave him two bottles of a Robust Porter... his eyes lit like I made his day. Love that part of sharing this hobby! Our New Years party has expanded to a pretty decent sized crowd, so looking forward to show casing my Porter, IPA and Wheat beer served along side a bushel of steamed oyster I'm going to personally harvest.

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