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Default Purchase: AG System or Kegerator?

I am looking to upgrade my system but I don't have a lot of money or space.

I would like to start doing AG but I don't have any of the equipment (i.e. coolers, SS Kettle, burner, or 10 gallon fermentor), which means I would have to buy everything. I would have to start by doing 5 gallon batches of AG but purchase the equipment that will allow me to do 10 gallons in the future. I don't want to bottle 10 gallons of beer!!


Should I buy the equipment necessary to build a kegerator so I could keg my current 5 gallon partial mashes? It would be great to have my beer on tap and not have to clean 50 bottles every batch!

I can't afford to do both. So...should I upgrade to AG equipment or make a kegerator? Which one should I do first?

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Personal choice I suppose but here's some questions to consider.

Are you happy with the quality of your existing brews?
Are you happy with the current cost of a batch?

If the answer to them are yes then I'd say the kegerator if not then go AG.

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Bottling 10 G is no big deal if you are using plastic.
I would not want to cap 110-120 bottles..way too much work.
If you are moving to 10G consider using 2L plastic bottles. They are nice for summer and make quick work of bottling.

For 10Gs, I use about 10-12, 2L bottles...which is about 5 gallons worth give or take. This makes 10Gs as quick as bottling 5.

To answer your question...go ALL is well worth. You will spend more money upfront, but will save in buying grains in bulk.. .Further savings will be realized if you buy bulk hops - and re-use yeast and /or save yeast from a starter.

Be warned though, AG will take anywhere from 5-7 hours - so you will need the free time to do it.
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Kegging chages the game completely. I was getting tired of brewing because of the bottling, but kegging is so much easier.

So after you make things easy, THEN think about complicating it with all grain.
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Kegerator! Absolutely, it will greatly increase your enjoyment and massively reduce your processing time. If you get a used 10-14 cu. ft. fridge, you can install a 1 or 2 tap setup and have room for two more kegs/taps later.

Imagine 100 bottles at a whack ... Only two kegs.
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I'd say kegs. The quality from PM to AG is not all that much.

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I'm in the process of starting to keg, but I don't regret going AG first. Bottling sucks, but for me, AG is a much more enjoyable process than extract brewing. Plus, it's probably a bit cheaper to put together an AG system than a kegging system.
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I started kegging before AG (still haven't gone AG yet). For me the issue is time, which I have little of lately and saving time by Kegging > extra time spent doing All Grain. Ultimately though, you can hear different opinions, but the choice is going to be what you want.
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As much as I love doing AG batches, 1) not having to bottle and 2) being able to draw a pint right off the tap are just too wonderful not to have a kegerator.
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you can build a kegorator fairly cheap if you shop around for the parts, im in the process of building one now and have around 120$ so far i still need a fridge or freezer which i dont plan on spending much more than 60$ for then the regulator, faucet, lines im thinking around 350+-50 bucks if i have calculated right.. which is quite a bit cheaper than actually buying one my main motavation on building one is i hate bottling. bottles are such a pita!

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