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Nov 2008
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I came across a recipe for bbq beef in the crockpot. The ingredients are kinda bizarre, so I thought I would ask if anyone has ever tried this.

5-6 lb beef roast
2 bottles chili sauce
1qt whole or sliced dill pickles, undrained.

Dump everything in your crockpot. Cook on high until juices start to boil, then turn to low. Cook for 15 hours. While still in the crockpot, mash the pickles, and shred the beef with a fork.

I'm going to try this tomorrow. Hope it doesn't taste like pickles!

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That is a ton of pickles and pickle juice. That will be all that you will be able to taste. I don't see anyway that this could possibly be good.

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Dec 2011
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I would love to hear how this turns out, I've heard of a lot of things in BBQ recipes but thats a new one. I've also canned pickles, that being said, that sounds like tons a vinegar and very little sugar, if it tastes sour I would sweeten it with some brown sugar and even a little worcester sauce IMO

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ok take the same roast (about 3 lbs), throw out the pickles and chili sauce and replace them with a 16oz or so jar of sliced peperoncini . . . everything else can stay the same ( add a stick of butter ) you'll love it
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Nov 2007
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I'm interested in the pickle one, well both actually but I can see the pickle one almost tasting like a brisket with a vinegar base sauce on it maybe.
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Originally Posted by Pumbaa View Post
ok take the same roast (about 3 lbs), throw out the pickles and chili sauce and replace them with a 16oz or so jar of sliced peperoncini . . . everything else can stay the same ( add a stick of butter ) you'll love it
Just showed this to SWMBO and she agreed that we have to try it. Thanks, I'll let you know once I remember to make it.

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Dec 2008
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A bit like beef stroganoff, no?

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Sep 2011
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The suspense is killin me.

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Feb 2011
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Pickle juice is the bomb! I steam pork chops over it, put it in my bloody marys (seriously, try this some time--just a touch). I don't know that I'd dive right into that recipe but, hey...pickles!

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Oct 2010
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I dropped a ghost chili into a jar of dills last week, I might have to make a small batch with a few of them.

My only question is, what is chili sauce, and how much is "a bottle"'s worth?

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