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Originally Posted by happylush View Post
Does anyone have any experience dry aging a side of ribeye? I have a true t23 refrigerator and I would love to do this but I really need to learn what I am doing. Any information would be great!

Know this is sort of an old post, but I'll resurect it...

When I want to dry age some beef, I'll get a nice 2-3 inch (or larger) cut of bone in rib roast...if it's a special occasion, I'll go for 4 or 5 bones...

I'll take it out of the packaging and either wrap it in cheese cloth or just cover it with paper towel and let it sit, suspended by skewers, in my fridge for about a week or so, longer depending on the weight of the cut.

I'll rotate it and if the cheese cloth gets all soaked, i'll change out the cheese cloth...again, I'll usually let it sit for a week or more.

Once I've decided it's time to grill that wonderful hunk o' meat, I'll trim the hardened bits off, throw some kosher salt on it, rub it, and let it come to room temp, then I'll slather it in Olive Oil...

If I decide to throw it on the grill, I'll run it up to the highest temp I can get and sear, then turn it down and let it set for a bit until the internal temps are right for medium rare, or if I'm not grilling, I'll sear all sides with a cast iron pan then put it in a 350-400 oven for about 8-10 mins a pound, checking the internal temp...

There are other methods, including herb rubs and all that...I've done that, and I love them too, but the pure taste of a nicely salted rib roast has no comparison.

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Originally Posted by happylush View Post
I got my 18 lb whole bone-in ribeye today from a local farm. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help!

Cover the facing ends of the rib with butcher paper. It will keep them from drying out. Also drape butcher paper over the whole rib. It is no-problem, it will still allow it to age-well but keep it from turning all nasty-dry and black.

You can also smear lacto on the outside of the meat and it will develop a nice white flor. The downside if you do this in a refridgerator is that your fridge will take up a certain lacto bacteria count that can be tough to get rid off.

Age it anywhere from 28F to 38F.

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