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I am at the beginning of setting my new RIMS and after a lot of searching and reading I choose to go RTD/PID route right away on temperature monitor/control.

Temperature will be measured in 4 places:
- HLT- RTD sensor
- RIMS- RTD sensor
- MLT- RTD sensor
- CFC- K Type sensor

Since I will use CFC to chill the wort I dont see reason to drill BK and install temperature sensor in it since CFC output temp. is what we want to know, and also it will be usable if/when I choose to buy plate chiller.
I like the idea that sensors can be disconnected from kettles for easier cleaning so I"ll buy RTD with XLR3 connectors for HLT and MLT.
Probes for HLT and MLT will be 4" lenght, and for RIMS/CFC will depend on connection setup.

Heater 1 is for HLT and heater 2 for RIMS. Pumps will do circulation for regular single tier stand.

For now, RTDs and K type will be connected to simple display units to measure temperature, I will surely buy PIDs for HLT and RIMS but for now (since budget doesnt allow) I"ll manually control heater elements.

I divided whole building process in two stages:

1st stage-
install RTDs and K type sensor and connect them with 4 displays that will monitor temperatures (w/manual heaters control)
RTD Display Unit
K Type Display Unit

Control Panel- 1st stage

2nd stage- replace 2 RTD displays with PIDs (HLT and RIMS) that will control heaters in HLT and RIMS, 2 other displays will continue to only monitor temperatures (MLT and CFC)
Auber PID 2352

Control Panel- 2nd stage

I hope that you have the idea what I am trying to accomplish.
Problem is that I dont have electrician knowledge I am not sure will I be able to connect RTDs and K type sensors with those ebay displays.

What do you think about it, is this feasible and will it work (especially 1st stage build)?

Any other suggestion/critic is highly appreciate.

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The ebay meters you linked are both 24 volt DC, how do you plan to power them? There are other meters on ebay that are 220 or 110V AC in deg C or F from the same seller that would likely make this simpler.

Digital Temperature Meter for RTD PT100 Sensors (F/110) | eBay

Digital Temperature Meter for RTD PT100 Sensors (C/220) | eBay

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Apr 2011
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Epic fail.. that is what I meant by absence of el. knowledge

I would like to make project first and then go with realization, this way I"ll make between-steps in build-up and divide some costs which is always nice.

At 1st stage it will probably be two-tier setup with one pump which will ensure outflow in MLT-BK direction, and serve RIMS.
Since Hot Liquor Tank is 13 gallons plastic bucket (I am not going to drill it until I get same size keggle on which I will solder thread couple for sensor- as final solution), it will have RTD probe inserted from top in hot water, maybe simple design like Cat22 did (thermowell is just a section of copper pipe capped on the bottom, and it is suspended vertically in HLT), in this case I could go with DIY RTD sensor version (5 pieces for $10 shipped) like PaulHilgeman did:

Since I"ll need RTD with NPT thread later in business I am closer to Auberins solution.
That probe will be for RIMS and dis-connectable probe will be threaded into HLT... we"ll see..

I already have 2kw heater for HLT but I need another 2kw to fire up 10 gallons of water in HLT.

Is PID able to control 2 heat unit?
There will be 2 SSR with heatsinks, and PID would fire both elements at the time.. It would be great if I could wire them so I can choose which one to run, or to fire both.. hope I"ll find some schematics for that.

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