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Mar 2007
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Alcohol deprives your body of water because it is a diuretic. Replenishing the water and any lost vitamins will go a long way in preventing hangovers.

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McCall St. Brewer
Sep 2005
West Monroe, Louisiana
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What I found was that drinking a big glass of water before bed and taking a couple of headache pills (aspirin, aceteminofen, ibuprofen-- it didn't matter which) generally worked wonders.

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May 2006
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I have always thought that the preservatives in beer helped cause my hangovers. Since I started brewing they have gone away by about 90%. On occasion when I do over indulge my stomach can still go whacky but the headaches are very mild if any.

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Mar 2007
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In 'Scent of a Women', Pacino says that dehydration is the root cause of hangovers.

A diuretic will leach away electrolytes (and vitamins) as well as water. Seems gatorade or equivalent and a Centrum or something would be the best preventative/cure.

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Originally Posted by McCall St. Brewer
What I found was that drinking a big glass of water before bed and taking a couple of headache pills (aspirin, aceteminofen, ibuprofen-- it didn't matter which) generally worked wonders.
The problem is that the mixture of certain pain killers and alcohol tend to cause stomach problems. I don't recall which one's they were, but when I was in college I could have told you in a heartbeat. I don't mean taking pain killers when you have a hangover, I mean taking them before you went to bed (or passed out).

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Apr 2006
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I'm a big fan of drinking a LOT of water before sleeping/passing out. That usually causes me to wake up early (by a couple hours usually0 to take a piss, then I pop a few ibuprofen to drop the headache. Usually does wonders.

I also used to be a big fan of the "sweat it out" school of thought. I remember in college, my buddies would literally drag me out of bed to go mt. biking after a night of hard drinking. They thought they could ride faster than me for a change if I was hungover. I'd start out feeling like hell, but a mile or so into a ride, it felt like somebody flipped a switch and I was as good as normal.
Wish I was still in that kind of shape.
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Feb 2007
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i thought the yeast in the bottom of the bottle had alot of vit B in it? i never get hang overs from my homebrew, bubble guts is a diffrent story lol, i dont think my ABV is very high either though, i drank a 12 pack of some porter one night and had a slight buzz and woke up feeling fine, it was hot btw, i also have very little body fat, tall and very very skinny lol so it normally doesnt take much to get me drunk, i also find eating before i start drinking(if im going to get hammerd which is the case sometimes lol) it kinda helps out with the hang over. heck im only 24 so hangeovers dont effect me much anyways lol (unless im drinking whiskey) but beer is no prob!
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Dec 2006
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Originally Posted by Hopleaf
Drink water before bed, maybe even take a multivitamin.. next day go for a jog to sweat out the alcohol and I feel 100%
I'm not gonna start jogging everyday lol

Seriously though, I find starting boozing again before you hangover has a chance to take hold normally works.....

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Feb 2007
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Gatorade, definitely gatorade. That stuff isn't made for athletes, it's made for drinkers. I also usually drink a few glasses of water before bed, mainly to assure that I wake up in the middle of the night so I can take some advil (avoid acetaminophen, bad for the liver when mixed w/ booze)

But, the most important thing for me is grease. Corned beef hash, a couple eggs over-easy, and some hash browns. Smash that all together, serve w/ toast and coffee and it'll either kill ya or cure ya!!

A little puff of the shrubbery helps too, if ya know what I mean....
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Ignore the hangover. It does not exist. Power through.

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