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When I started brewing, I would take a six pack or two into work for our monthly meeting. I would hand them out afterwards. I did this for a couple of months and one month I had nothing to share. They asked me if I forgot. I told them I needed some "pry top" brown bottles to fill up because I was out. Now, I get bottles on demand. All I have to do is ask a couple of weeks in advance and I normally get two or three cases of empties.

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Originally Posted by unionrdr View Post
I have mostly sturdy 12pack boxes from us & My son. The leinenkugel's boxes are the only ones so far with separators,though. & they have tabs to keep them closed,too. So far,I have bottles from the US,Germany,Japan,& Scotland.
Boxes from Labatt's limited editions,Leinenkugel's,Magic Hat,Dundee's,& Great Lakes. Being cardboard rather than pasteboard makes them more stackable & long lasting.
These are the type of boxes that I am talking about. The best box I have is an old one for Stroh's beer. I never liked their beer, but that is a great box.

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On the plus side, the bottles are designed for bottle conditioning as Sierra Nevada bottle conditions their beer.
What does that mean?

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At first, I started with the dumpster-diving in the alley behind the main restaurant strip - after a few trips of nasty gloves, stink, spillage, and ending up with a paltry amount of bottles (3/4 of which were clear Caronas), that sucked. Asking the restaurant/bar owners around here elicited a totally unexpected response - they nearly all were confused by the request and (this is the part I find baffling) WEREN'T SURE IF THEY WERE ALLOWED TO GIVE AWAY THEIR EMPTIES. Best I can figure, they are concerned about potential minors getting their hands on the bottles (although I'm in my 30's and balding). Also, none of the restaurant owners around here separate their bottles from their trash!!! WTF???? Although I did find an Irish pub that had some nifty bottles in their trash - Unibraus, various jeroboams, funky-shaped imports like Duvel, Golden Draak, etc.

After about a month of this (i.e. several 5-gallon batches of beer), I was driving our munchkin to school and noticed that the French-American club a few blocks from our house had their trash out - a large pile of big bags.....and a small WALL of beer cases. Lo and behold, they place empties back in cases to reduce mess inside! A couple had cigarette butts in the bottles, and of course most of the Caronas had stale lime wedges - all had the last dregs, but it was so nice to just open a case, swap the screwtops with the poptops from the next case and end up coming home with intact, dry beer cases with 6-pack dividers full of good poptop bottles! I may have to go through 18 cases to come home with 1 or 2 cases of good empties - but no gloves, no mess, no stick or trash, etc. I just wish the club members didn't like macroswill so much (although the Michelob Lite bottles were coming out in poptops for a couple of months....back to screwtops now though). It's a nice setup....twice a week (if I'm so motivated), I can stop by their pile on the way home from dropping off our son at school and spend 5-10minutes scanning the cases and usually end up with at least a couple of 6-packs-worth, sometimes as much as several cases. Of course, the brewlab has been running continuously for a year and a half now, so I'm needing to get new empties only when I give away cases as gifts. Plus, all of the Bud and Bud Light cases have been storing as stacking well in my cold room - and when a handle tears, I just grab a new case in the morning. I have so many boxes, SWMBO now has a wall of her knitting stockpile separated into cases on shelves and loves it.
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look for a beer at local beer dist called Straubs...I think thats the name. It is a beer brewed with less sugar. great bottles, heavy, 16oz, and a kick a$$ heavy box. I get them in pa for $3.00 a case. They are the returnables that most places carry here.

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