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Hi all,
Brewing the all grain version of this kit tomorrow and I was putting the recipe into my brew software and I'm having an issue with the hop profile/IBU's. I'm hoping someone here has done this kit and can clarify. The hop profile as indicated on the "instruction" sheet is 1 oz of Magnum, 1 oz of centennial, and .5 oz of cascade. It's not entirely clear, but it seems that they are saying the magnum is the buttering hop, which should be in the boil for 60 min, the cent. is the flavor hop, which should be boiled for 30 min, and that the cascade is aroma at flame out. When I put this into my software it's putting the IBU's at around 80. The instruction sheet, however, says the expected IBU's are 28-31, which is appropriate for the style.

I called more beer and the rep that answered the phone brought up the recipe and said I'm reading the sheet right, but she had no answer for the disparity of the IBU's, other than to say that they use different recipe software so there are sometimes "small" differences in expected IBU's, but added that the shark bite has quite a bite, so it should be bitter. I've never tried it myself.

I'm considering halving the Magnum, which will bring the IBU's down to around 50.

Any insight or thoughts here?


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I've never had (or heard of) that beer, so I can't help with specifics. But the one thing that struck me is that I've never heard of "flavor hops" at 30 minutes. You won't get any flavor out of the centennial at 30 minutes- just bittering. I'd definitely change that addition to 15 minutes. That should change the IBUs quite a bit.

1 ounce of magnum doesn't seem like too much, depending on the rest of the recipe. But you could cut it to .75 ounces to be safe.
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It's a pretty hoppy red but 80 does seem a bit high. It might be right though, it's brewed here in San Diego and we're pretty used to extremely hoppy beers.

Try moving the centennial to 15 or 20 minutes in your software and the cascade to 1 minute and see if the number look better. The bitterness from magnum is nice and smooth, 1 oz should be right.

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I'd call back or email. It is too big a difference to put on the modeling of the software. I like morebeer but from what I remember of kit instructions they were not always spot on as they would change hops but not account for different AA%.

No point buying kits if you have to make adjustments to get it right.

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Try, the Can You Brew It show at The Brewing - Beer radio | The Brewing Network

They just did an episode where they cloned this exact beer. Lots of tips on the podcast right from the brewer.
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Your first mistake was calling Morebeer... Their sheets are kind of iffy, the proper timing for that kit used to be
.5 oz. Centennial @ 60
1.0 oz. Cascade @ 30
.5 oz. Cascade @ flameout
.5 oz. Centennial @ flameout
So with your hops I'd go
.31 oz of the Magnum @ 60
Save the cascade for the flameout, and split the centennial between the 30 minute and flameout additions.
That should get you to the right range.

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Alright, thanks for all the feedback. Here's what I think I have right now:

.75 Magnum @ 60 min
.5 Cent @ 20 min
.5 Cent @ FO
.5 Cascade @ FO

Brewsmith puts the IBU's at 49. Still high for the recipe, but I don't mind a hoppier beer.

I can't get the podcast to load, but I'm stuck with the hops I have already, so unless they picked the exact same hops, it won't matter.

I can't find a page for the original beer with specs, so I don't even know what the actual IBU should be.

Thanks again, all.

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