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Jun 2009
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Just curious if anyone has read it and if so what did you think? On Amazon most of the reviews are positive but there are a few that say the information is not very "advanced". I'm looking to get some more advanced knowledge in brewing. Here's a link to the book on Amazon: Amazon.com: Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers (9780937381984): Gordon Strong: Books

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I don't know, the first three reviews, especially the first two, who were experienced brewers and scientists, kinda made it sound like a book I would like to read. I mean, they say it's not papazian or palmer, it's NOT a basic book, it really is a look into one guy's (arguably probably one of the to 10 homebrewers out there) process. That sounds like it would be a good deal of information, it sounds like it's about the decisions he makes and why.

It sounds very valuable. I really like the end of the third review I read "If you want a book to tell you what to do, go pick up How to Brew. If you want a book to tell you how to decide for yourself what to do, and how to think about brewing, buy this one. "

Makes me actually want to look into it.
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There is a massive, contentious thread on this book somewhere here on HBT...happy hunting!
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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
"If you want a book to tell you what to do, go pick up How to Brew. If you want a book to tell you how to decide for yourself what to do, and how to think about brewing, buy this one. "
I think that's a very accurate summary of the book. I was able to refine my process as well as add a few new tricks to my hat after reading the book. I definitely enjoyed it. I checked it out from my local library, might be an option for you vs buying it.

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Thanks guys...I'm convinced...hopefully Santa is reading this thread!

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Fascinating timing, I just bought this book about a week or two ago. I've skimmed it a bit but hadn't had the chance to dive in. Will probably be digging in much sooner than before, having read this thread

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I have the book. I haven't read the whole thing yet but what I have read I have enjoyed. It may not be as advanced as some people think but I feel it has helped me for sure.

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I have it and have been reading it on and off for a bit. I agree that it doesn't seem all that advanced to me. It is just one person's take on things, so you might like it better, or worse, than I do.

Personally, I think the new Yeast book is more advanced, and has helped me more.
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I found the book helpful, too. Not super advanced, in my opinion, it seems approachable to me and I am not an expert or master homebrewer by any stretch. It does have some good info relating to different styles, decoctions, etc., and some useful graphs and charts. It's a nice accompaniment to Palmer's How to Brew, and goes a few steps beyond on subjects relating to technique. I definitely gleaned some new techniques from the book but Golddiggie is right that Yeast is more technical.

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Apr 2011
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i've read it a couple of times and while it's not the "advanced" book i think a lot of us want, it's still a good read, worth owning.

i'm assuming that the yeast book people are talking about is the one from zainasheff? haven't read it yet...

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