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Default Partial - Five to One IPA

Recipe Type: Partial Mash
Yeast: WLP 001 California ALe
Batch Size (Gallons): 5
Original Gravity: 1.073
Final Gravity: 1.018
Boiling Time (Minutes): almost 90
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 12 days, 68 degrees
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 14 days, 68 degrees
Tasting Notes: VERY hoppy, but well balanced. Grapefruit, floral, clean bitterness.

This is what happens when I have a bunch of hops sitting around. Five varieties with a fairly complex hopping schedule (6 additions!), long boil time mostly because of distractions during the process. Bottled this on 1/11/11, so Five to One IPA (ya know, the Doors' song?)

California Ale WLP 001
0.5 lb C20
0.5 lb C 40
1.0 lb american 2 row
0.5 lb C 60
6 lb gold LME
3 lb light DME
1 lb gold DME 15 min
2.8 oz Magnum plug 60 min (38.36 AAU)
0.5 oz Citra pellet 30 min (6.15 AAU)
0.75 centennial leaf 15 min (6.8 AAU)
0.75 oz cascade leaf 15 min (5.6 AAU)
0.5 oz Amarillo pellet K/O x 5 min (4.1 AAU)
2 oz cascade DH (18.2 AAU)
Irish moss

Sparge grains after about 45 min at 152 degrees, boil
Total boil almost 90 min, as I added the DME, 1st hops before it was boiling, plus had to wait to reboil after DME addition.
Cool, pitch yeast 12/9
OG: 1.073

Rack 12/21
Bottled 1/11/11
DELICIOUS!! Drank several glasses (warm, uncarbonated) during bottling. Can’t wait. No final gravity since I broke the hygrometer. Saved some for measurement.

1/20/11 - just couldn’t wait any longer, and HOLY CRAP this beer is good! Flavorful, very hoppy, but well balanced. Lots of cascade grapefruitiness, but more complex profile (more floral?) with the Amarillo etc. There’s a nice, clean bitterness that’s maybe the Magnum? I like the late DME addition for a touch of sweetness, seems to balance well with hops. Already nicely carbonated and clear, great coppery color, good lacy head. Must make more. Should probably invest in kegging system soon, as the hardest/lamest part was the bottling.
Eventually bought a hygrometer, and FG = 1.018
ABV= 7.22% (awesome!)

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