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Well, cyser actually. 1 Gallon apple juice, 3/4 cup honey, 1/4 teaspoon champagne yeast ( or whatever you have on hand ) Ferment till the hydrometer reads 1.015- 1.010, depending on the sweetness you like. bottle in 20 oz plastic soda bottles, leaving most of the yeast in the bottom of the fermenter. Let the bottles sit for a day or so at room temp to carbonate,(squeeze the bottle to judge the amount of carbonation you want) then put them in the frig to slow fermentation WAY down. Drink within a week or two. The whole process takes about 5-7 days for some pretty good cider. I wouldn't let it ferment past 1.010 or you'll start getting bad flavors, and then you have to let it age. Also this stuff is not shelf stable, so keep it in the frig unti your ready to drink it. Enjoy!!

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