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Apr 2011
Washington, DC
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Hey HBT,

Ive been lurking around learning a whole lot the last six months from this sight. I'm making my fifth or six beer this coming week (only second where the recipe is all mine!) and wanted to know some people's opinions on my recipe/ process. Here goes

Saison du Fairmont
3 lbs Pilsner malt
1 lb Caramunich I
2 lbs Dark Munich Malt
3 lbs Pilsen DME
1lb Bavarian Wheat DME
1lb homemade Candi sugar

1 oz Kent Goldings Leaf hops
1 oz Czech Saaz leaf hops
1oz Hallertau hop pellets

Game plan:
The mash:
Mash all grains at 145 F for 90 min (2.5 gallons)
Add water to fill up my 5 gallon pot, then dissolve all DME into the 5 gallons.

The sour mash:
Siphon off enough liquid to fill a 1 gal pot, add 1 Tbsp yogurt w/ active cultures. Then, cover with Saran wrap to eliminate as muh headspace in the 1 gal vessel as possible and wrap the whole thing in an electric back warmer for 2 days trying to keep a steady temp of 120 F. Leave for 48 hours.

The boil:
Two days after mash day (and assuming my apartment hasn't burned down from keeping that back heater on for 2 days) I'm going to combine the sour mash with the main wort, bring it to a boil and do the following hop additions.

At the start- Hallertau pellets
45 minutes in- Czech Saaz hops within a muslin bag
2 weeks after racking to secondary- dry hop kent goldings for 2 weeks

The fermentation:

Starting on mash day I plan to make a starter of 1 vial WL565 in 1 quart water and 1/2 lb Pilsen DME. After the first 24 hour I'll add 1 tsp lemon juice to get the yeasties ready for the drop in pH that the sour mash will bring. Pitch this starter following the cold break and rack to primary on boil day. Use my heated back warmer to bring the temp up to 80 degrees over a few days. After 5 days or when the airlock seems a little slow I'm going to add Wyeast 3711 to bat cleanup and make this saison nice and dry.

Rack to secondary after 2.5 weeks. 2 weeks later when I return to the area I'll do my dry hopping.

So whatcha think? My big concerns are if my mash temp, sour mash temp, fermentation temp, and addition of lemon juice to my starter are good ideas. And how do you like my hop times?

Thanks for any help I can get


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Old 11-26-2011, 10:14 PM   #2
Apr 2011
Washington, DC
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Oops, forgot to mention that I'm also going to use 1/2 lb Quaker oats ( they're the same as flakes oats....right?) to add head retention

Thanks again to anyone who can offer some constructive criticism


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Oct 2011
Los Angeles, CA
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How'd this one turn out?

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