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Aug 2011
nowhere, nevada
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The receipe is basically the same as a JAOM, but My AAOM [Ancient Arab Orange Mead] uses different spices.


3 1/2 lbs of honey from lebanon, Greece, or any good middle east producing country (remember this is a Arab mead).

1 large Torocco Blood orange ***

25-35 Raisins

1 Stick of Cinnamon

1 Whole Clove

Pinch of Nutmeg

Pinch of Allspice

2 Cardamom Pods (crack them open slightly so the flavor can be released)

1/2 Bayleaf (optional)

A slightly bigger pinch of Saffron (pure Iranian is best)

1 Tsp Yeast

Directions: (very similiar to jaom)

Clean and sanitize a 1 gallon glass carboy

Place the 3 1/2 pounds of Honey in warm water and then add the dissolved solution to the carboy.

I like to use Organic Oranges since it easier to clean the skins of the fruit.

Take your Torocco *** Blood Orange, cut it up in segments with the rinds small enough to fit through the carboy mouth.

Add the Nutmeg, Allspice, Cardamoms, Clove, Cinnamon, and fill up to about the 2/3 rds is not alredy there from adding the pre dissolved honey.

Place a bung on the carboy and shake violently (with your thumb on the hole of course) until the honey is dissolved.

Add the saffron and yeast after shaking the Honey and Spices, and top off with enough water to leave room for head foam.

Replace your sanitized bung and airlock on the carboy and wait the average time for the magic to start.

After the foam subsides in a few days add the remaining water to below the neck and wait.

Then in about three months and you will have AAOM.

***If you can not find Torocco blood Oranges you may use enough smaller Moro Bloods to equal the Torocco; or a large Valencia will work just as good.

**With the addition of saffron there will be a color change and it may be diffcult to see the clarity of the brew, but it is no less tasteless.

** As it says you can rack off if you wish, but just like with the normal JAOM I like to wait until its done and drink, drink, repeat.

**Bread yeast is recommended, but you can use K1-V1116 or EC-1118 if you wish.

Tasting Notes:
I guess I left out the part about the taste but I do find a definite nutmeg/ clove and bay leaf that do come through the blend the strongest. I do not find the cardamoms as much but they are definitely there. As for the aroma profile it is the typical jaom style with a hint of the nutmeg on the nose. Some may find the bay leaf to be too overpowering, so that is why you will want to omit it to allow more of the other flavours to come through on your tongue.

The saffron I taste the least if at all and is mainly for the colorant effect.

Reason: Taste notes

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Aug 2011
nowhere, nevada
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No problem! Fixed it there for you yooper.

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Mar 2011
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Why use saffron if it doesn't add taste, but costs a fortune? Why not sub turmeric instead?

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Aug 2011
nowhere, nevada
Posts: 81

huesman: About saffron;. Although mainly a colorant, you can overload it if you try to overcome the cloves and cardamoms. Tumeric can be used, but it will produce a much more haze and can add an off flavor. I find saffron produces a much better color effect, and a local health food store will have the saffron, and although a bit pricy; saffron from India or Spain tends to be less expensive.

Long story short, I find saffron adds a much better effect with less amount when you compare to tumeric.

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