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Originally Posted by BierMuncher View Post
Keep us posted on the brew process.

My SWMBO had a couple of work friends over Friday night and of course I had to give their husbands the brew shop and sampling tour. When we came across this beer, the guys took a swig of the "black gold" and that was it...

They pert near poslished off nearly half a keg in about 30 minutes. It was much more of a success than I would have thought.

i think all homebrewers can agree... i love and need to make beer for myself, but impressing the hell out of others is a big part of it.. cant deny it.

and recipe looks solid, i'd say this is exactly the way to clone guinness from all the recipes i've looked at

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When I brewed this, it came out with much more body than I remember Guinness having. I think I started out at like 1.042 and ended up 1.010-11. Thoughts? Do people get a lower final gravity than this, or the same final gravity with less body somehow, or do they just like the extra body?

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Brewing this guy tomorrow, but I don't have any EKG on hand. I'll be using cascades (figured it's the closest AA% 'cuz I have summit and centennials too). Not the same, but it should still be darn good.

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Originally Posted by SpookyAlmond View Post
Brewing this guy tomorrow, but I don't have any EKG on hand. I'll be using cascades (figured it's the closest AA% 'cuz I have summit and centennials too). Not the same, but it should still be darn good.
Personally I wouldn't use my cascades for a 60 min bittering addition. Go with the summit at rate that will give you the same IBUs, more economical

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Brewed yesterday, hit 1.052 and used Wyeast 1335 - British Ale II.
Had a taste of the OG sample - very roasty just like a black coffee, just how I like my stout!
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I want to brew this next week. What is the best temperature for the sinla infusion mash 170? Do I have to add additional sugar afther the boiling?

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I can't wait to make this!

I was just wondering... if I opt to use some 575L roast barley, should I still use the same proportions? In my BS recipe I have 1lb for a 5.5gal batch (65% efficiency... no grain mill!) and the recipe comes out to 4.2% ABV, 32.7SRM, and 30.5 IBU's.

I think it'll be fine, but a little support would make me feel better haha

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made this 10 days ago, turned out great and will be brewing again

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Made WLP004 starter on Friday and brewed today. Hit 1043 preboil and 1051 post. Bubbling away 7 hrs. After pitch. My first batch sparge and no casualties! Thanks all for posting up the info.

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Brewed this yesterday, but have been having issues somewhere and ended up about 0.010 short on both brews I did that day, so have a SG of 1.036.

Would it be a good idea to add a bit of sugar to up the alcohol levels a bit? or should I just leave it at 3.5% ?

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