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Jun 2011
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Hey all,

I searched and found contradicting posts about this. I got some local cider (5 gal batch) that was UV pasteurized and have that in my fermentor. I went to my HBS and they were out of potassium sorbate. I want to backsweeten with cider that contains p.s. to stop the fermentation so I can bring up the gravity and keg it and then bottle it. The guy at the shop thinks it should work. My only concern is that the cider may have a very low concentration of p.s. and all the yeast won't be killed. Has anyone else tried this method and how did it work for you?


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Nov 2007
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that's an interesting strategy. I like the idea, but i really think the PS content will be too diluted when its added to the fermented cider. Plus, ideally you use both sorbate and sulfite (campden) to prevent fermentation from starting back up. If you used an ale yeast, and cold crash it and rack it well, you might be ok. I would add the new cider in the secondary, cold crash and rack onto it, and let it sit for a little while to see if you can detect fermentation before you bottle.

or even better- not sure what your current SG is, but if possible stop the ferment at 1.010 by racking, cold crashing, rack again. then you dont have to backsweeten and will have a better product.
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