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I feel like I am getting a college education on this forum. Wow there is a ton of information on here. I have finally gotten to the point of realizing that I don't know what what I didn't even knew existed. What I am trying to say is that I had no idea how ignorant I was.

I have spent countless hours reading everything I could on this forum and finally signed up when I figured I need to nail a few things down.

I really like doing the ciders. It has already become an obsession after only a few months. I finally started branching off with some fresh elderberries I picked yesterday, but that is a whole other topic.

My question for everyone today is: What is the effects of blending sugars in fermentation?

What happened is that I had made three 1 gallon batches of apple cider; adding two cups of sugar to each batch. One was with white sugar, one was with corn sugar and one with wildflower honey. I wanted to experiment with different sugars and see what they did to the taste.

With each batch I had made more than would fit in a jug, so I put the left overs in a forth jug. This made up 2/3 of a gallon in the forth jug and I did not want to have a short gallon so I made a sugar water solution of 1/3 gallon of warm water and 1 cup of brown sugar and added it. I used Champagne yeast in all four jugs.

The combination jug is still bubbling long after the others have slowed down. The jugs are all kept at 66 degrees. I cold crashed the cider that I used honey in when I liked the taste. It ended up at about 6% abv. Now I have not tested the blended sugar batch, but I did taste it. It was way hotter than the original honey cider, yet was still sweet and carbonated.

Is this because I blended the sugars and it is acting different? All four jugs were at 22 brix when I put them in the jugs.

Anyhow, I am having a ball and drinking my new hobby makes me a jolly good fellow.

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Simple sugars are all processed the same by the yeast- they don't differentiate between corn sugar and beet sugar, for example.

The differences in flavor may be perceptible to you, however, as brown sugar is white sugar with molasses added. Once the sugar is fermented out, there may be a slight "molasses" flavor left behind. The level of "hotness" generally is only attributed either to the ABV or the fermentation temperature, although if your experience is different I can't explain that.

Honey has very little nutritive value to the yeast, so it's a slower, harder ferment for the yeast. It can stress the yeast in large amounts, and yeast nutrient is commonly added.
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