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I recently got a refridge (top/bottom model--whirlpool) and installed a Johnson control. Main use is for fermentation of ales and lagers. Really like how the Johnson control works at keeping temps where they need to be!

At the moment, the top freezer isn't really used (too small obviously) other than storage. Can always use storage, no problemo. However, I want to beef up the efficiency of this fridge. The two things I want to do are to allow the cool(er) air in the freezer to circulate into the bottom fridge. I imagine doing this would reduce the time the fridge cycles. The second is to add some more insulation. Maybe that is overkill, but I have the room to do this (never more than 3 carboys in the fridge at a time) but if I remove the door shelves, I was thinking of adding a 1" layer of foam there (since I already have this.)

So to my questions: What would I use to cut a hold in the floor of the freezer to the fridge? (I believe the coils are on the back, but will make sure before attempting this, of course.) How big of a hole is needed and should I include a fan to move the colder air in the top to the bottom? If I do need a fan, how do I get electricity to run it?

When doing a search all I came up with are those who completely took out their freezer floor, but I don't want to mess with that (yet? )

Thanks for any help!
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I have the same setup as you and would like more information on this as well. Subscribed.

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I doubt you're going to find info on whether the coils are run between. Your best bet is probably to just carefully cut your holes out in the plastic with a knife. This way, if you do encounter a coil, you will be able to work around it.

If you make the hole big enough the cold air should sink down on it's own. You could always add a fan if you're not happy with the distribution of air.

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Would copper tubing like a series of 1/2" tubes work sticking through the roof into the freezer? This is basically the same concept used to keep beer lines cool in kegerators.

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Originally Posted by Surly View Post
Would copper tubing like a series of 1/2" tubes work sticking through the roof into the freezer? This is basically the same concept used to keep beer lines cool in kegerators.
They're definitely not going to be as efficient "moving the cold" as a fan - or even a good sized hole...


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Depending on the model there is a deflector to control the amount of cold air allowed into fresh food area. I put mine on an open closed knob (and removed some Styrofoam) open allows more closed less no Johnson controls Lagers at open 34*-36* closed 57*-59* and still have a freezer for hops and stuff.

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I'm no fridge expert, but if I were going to add a fan I might use a computer cooling fan and epoxy/screw/whatever it over the hole and run the power cord out the hole with the temp. probe. Not the most glamorous setup, but it would be cheap and easy.
I do agree with the carefully cut with a knife and "explore" till you find an area with no plumbing in the way. Obviously the fridge isn't going to be re-sold, so unless you are as anal as my father, what's it going to hurt?

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